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Kitchen Cam (Webcam Offline)

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Kitchen Cam (Webcam Offline)
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Kitchen Cam (Webcam Offline)

37346 hours ago

Kitchen Cam (Webcam Offline)

37349 hours ago

Kitchen Cam (Webcam Offline)

37352 hours ago

Kitchen Cam (Webcam Offline)

37355 hours ago

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Comments (672)

MD 05/21/18 11:00

I wonder if they had a party on Saturday night.  Sigh.

MD 08/13/17 15:59

Ekaterina ..... so lovely to hear from you. We used to have some nice little chats on the Polish cams but so many of them have gone.

Now ..... what did Zedyer do???  More a question of what Zedyer didn't do.  He made a massive take-over bid and turned a lot of the cams into Zedyer-world. But he's not a bad young man so we have him back again.  :D

Rain Shadow 08/13/17 15:45

Ekaterina, if I may interject, Skyline is a good website for live HD camera views  They also have a volcano camera in Sicily

Ekaterina 08/13/17 15:35

Zedyer, what did you do? I've missed all the fun!

Hi MD, I'm still alive, somehow! 

How are you?

Any good cameras, worth watching? Actually I've been looking for a good volcano camera and wonder if you know of any? Thanks.x


zedyer1 01/29/17 20:19

Yeah big rain today MD

MD 01/29/17 19:54

You've grown up since then ...... no more crazy Zedyer!

I expect you've had exactly the same weather as me today ...... probably out of the same rain cloud. :D

zedyer1 01/29/17 19:21

Not unless I want fleming coming to my house and attacking me even though Im sure I saw him outside a few hours ago O_O

MD 01/29/17 17:39

Zedyer ...... that made me laugh. You know you did it on purpose but what does it matter. I don't think you'll be doing it again.  :D

zedyer1 01/29/17 17:15

maybe I did it subconsciously 

MD 01/29/17 16:19

Zedyer ..... maybe it was removed to protect you from yourself.  LOL

zedyer1 01/29/17 16:09

Whatever happened to CREEPY CAM the camera that made everyone hate me and the owner of the site ban me?

MD 12/13/16 23:50

I miss this cam.

MD 11/20/16 22:37

Thanks Rain Shadow.  That Lanta cam is not too far from where I used to live.


Rain Shadow 11/20/16 22:25

Here is another kitchen camera from that Insecam website Although it only seems to refresh about every minute.

MD 11/20/16 21:39

It was a fun cam.

isaiah A. 11/20/16 21:26

whish i could have seen this camera. :(

MD 10/20/16 13:55

I miss this cam.

MD 03/21/16 21:53

I wonder how they're doing.

Mira Bilis 11/01/15 16:06

Yeah MD ... and I'll bet it was a good one. 

When I looked in on the Metro Club cam last night, after blogger50 had commented that they were still partying at 6am .... they were still partying at 7am too!!

MD 11/01/15 15:48

I bet they had a party last night.


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