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Sport Island Pub

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Sport Island Pub
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Sport Island Pub

148 hours ago

Sport Island Pub

151 hours ago

Sport Island Pub

154 hours ago

Sport Island Pub

157 hours ago

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Comments (28)

heather rosado 05/20/19 05:17

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MD 01/13/19 09:40

Snow on the camera????    :D

happy wheelsgame 11/15/17 02:34

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flip diving 10/17/17 10:20

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Way557 06/30/17 11:15

holy crap, they are starting the partying a little early 7:15am.

MD 06/23/17 11:48

Thank you.

Rain Shadow 06/23/17 00:35

Here is the live link, although it is not great quality

MD 08/25/16 18:04

Way557 .... you should have given us notice ..... I would have waved back.  :D

Way557 08/25/16 17:19

We were here 2 weeks ago. I waved to the cam.

MD 01/21/15 23:11

LOL!!! I haven't noticed any testing at Hornavan so this place has the edge!  :))

Mira Bilis 01/21/15 23:03

It's the Arjeplog of America!  ;D

MD 01/21/15 21:50

I just looked on Youtube.... they do lots of races.

MD 01/21/15 21:44

NQ... a car just drove across the snow from the bottom left corner... went on to the track, did one circuit and then drove off to the right!

N Q 01/21/15 21:32

The ring on the ice makes it look like they either do snowmobile or car racing there.

We used to have car races on the St Croix river back in the 1960's during the winter. It was fun watching them slide all over the place while trying to navigate the curves :)

MD 07/04/14 22:37

It looks very nice.

Mira Bilis 07/04/14 22:06

Busy now.

Mira Bilis 05/25/14 23:17

Finally ... there are customers.  Summer has arrived.

MD 04/04/14 17:57


trix abound 04/04/14 17:37

nooo...stops the face from wrinkling...

MD 04/04/14 17:24

Erm.... that snow is mighty resistant to warmth.


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