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Ringfoto Tschank at Fischapark Shopping Center

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Ringfoto Tschank at Fischapark Shopping Center
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Ringfoto Tschank at Fischapark Shopping Center

454 hours ago

Ringfoto Tschank at Fischapark Shopping Center

457 hours ago

Ringfoto Tschank at Fischapark Shopping Center

460 hours ago

Ringfoto Tschank at Fischapark Shopping Center

463 hours ago

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Comments (17)

MD 09/07/17 15:44

The names of a lot of cams were changed to what the perpetrator thought was more suitable. I think Mira named some of them "sleazy cam" or some other word meaning the same. This was because of what could be seen onscreen. She was quite right but I think OT were worried about repercussions if the cam owner found out. I know of one cam where the owner knew he/they were being observed. He used to put 2 fingers up to us.

As you say, the Buffalo Trace cams must have been sanitized and most of the sleazy cams have gone.

Moose 09/07/17 15:18

LOL.  I'm not even sure what pandemonium on OT would look like!  There is no sign of controversy on any of the nine Buffalo Trace cams, so they must have been sanitized.

MD 09/07/17 15:05

Oh I'm sure you could cause pandemonium! Buffalo Trace Distillery was one of the "casualties."

Moose 09/07/17 14:25

I wouldn't even know how to cause any pandemonium.  I would like to read the threads pertaining to other people's exploits, though.

MD 09/07/17 13:41

Moose .... it's thanks to you that the name is there. You did well to find it. I suspect that someone came across the cam, read our comments and decided to do the deed. As for causing pandemonium ..... feel free .... but then expect to get barred. You may have come across lots of comments from Mira Bilis. She also caused pandemonium and the only thing that saved her from being barred was the fact that she had identified so many cams. She was publicly reprimanded by admin.

Moose 09/07/17 13:30

The new name is more accurate than the previous one, but I am very curious.  I did not change it, and you did not change it, so who changed it?  The previous name was there for a long time, then I did a tiny bit of sleuthing and found the outside of the shop in an ad.  Then suddenly the name of the shop is added to this cam.  Very mysterious.

Also, I think OT could use a little pandemonium to shake things up!

MD 09/07/17 13:21

But not what you wanted to know!!!!!

MD 09/07/17 13:20

Hi Moose ...... I can't claim it as my handiwork but I do know how to get around the green thumb business. It wouldn't be wise of me to explain. Our lovely Zedyer once "took over" dozens of cams ...... all of the whisky cams became Zedyer's distilleries. There was pandemonium and Zed got thrown out of Opentopia. Blame it on his youth. I was glad admin allowed him back ...... after a lengthy time. He lives about 100 miles from me and he's not a bad chap.

Far more info than you needed.  :D

Moose 09/07/17 13:09

Hi MD... Is the name change your handiwork?  I did not see a green thumb request.

MD 08/22/17 14:53

It's amazing what you can find out.

Vienna is on my bucket list.

Moose 08/22/17 14:41

What I can find is that RingFoto is a chain (and a magazine I think) and Tschank is the owner's name.  So this place would be like "RainShadow's FotoHut".  This is a cool advertisement that shows they make holograms and 3D prints and stuff.


MD 08/22/17 14:06

I'm sure some people care ....... I certainly do. The more detail - the better.

Moose 08/22/17 13:47

OK.  Does anybody care about such details anymore?  This is indeed in the Fischapark or whatever, but that is a pretty big mall.

MD 08/22/17 13:43

Hi Moose ....... I'm 100% sure that you are correct.   :D

Moose 08/22/17 13:04

MD... Does this look like the outside of the shop?

MD 10/17/16 11:27

A new one to me.

forbin riddle 12/07/14 12:49



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