Amaks Congress Hotel

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Amaks Congress Hotel
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Amaks Congress Hotel

3 hours ago

Amaks Congress Hotel

6 hours ago

Amaks Congress Hotel

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Amaks Congress Hotel

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Comments (38)

Moose 08/31/17 11:34

All cams are back up now.

MD 08/31/17 00:03

Just tried SDL and it says disabled.

MD 08/31/17 00:00

I used Google and it actually says "The camera is turned off."

Moose 08/30/17 23:42

The translator I used said "Camera is disabled".  Whatever.  Him no workee.

MD 08/30/17 23:37

"камера отключена".  That says "Camera is turned off."

Moose 08/30/17 23:30

Hi trix... That's what I thought!  All at once, just gone.  I checked the direct feeds and nothing.

trix abound 08/30/17 23:08


Moose 08/30/17 21:43

All the Amaks Hotel cams are suddenly disabled.  Not just the ones here on OT, but all of them show a message saying "камера отключена".

MD 07/13/17 11:47

I expect they have people to do the cleaning.  :)

Ali Robinson 07/13/17 11:42

I'd HATE to have their jobs lol the are the 1st cam shown on this app I'm using so another 5 million people can watch them stand around. I guess after so much time you forget they are there but still you got time to lean you got time to clean just sayin'. Lol jkjk

Ali Robinson 07/13/17 11:38
48918 02/05/17 11:17

I wonder what she's looking at on that computer... 

gold papa 01/04/17 23:49
John Smith 08/07/15 10:46

Little bit jealous right now...... 

John Smith 08/07/15 10:45
deacon 01/08/15 18:16

Still looks very festive.

Stumpy McDugal 12/29/14 21:38

very festive for the holidays

MD 12/10/14 18:43

Carol... I have to admit it's the only thing I miss about being with my husband! We were always off somewhere.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/10/14 18:36

Omg, so would I.

MD 12/10/14 18:32

Sigh.... I'd love to be booking into a hotel right now.....


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