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Amaks Congress Hotel

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Amaks Congress Hotel
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Amaks Congress Hotel

6174 hours ago

Amaks Congress Hotel

6177 hours ago

Amaks Congress Hotel

6189 hours ago

Amaks Congress Hotel

6192 hours ago

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Comments (51)

MD 03/24/18 19:41

No  ...... best left alone. I must have over 5,000 in My Cams so it would have taken forever.  I know that I won't have put a comment when I was having a hissy fit so whatever you put will have been ignored.  Maybe a few years from now .... some newcomer will come across it.  LOL!!!

Moose 03/24/18 19:05

I went through My Cams twice to find it!  I am NOT going to look back for the incandescent incident...better to leave that one alone I think.  And I saw the comment about being missed.  That was what brought me back.

MD 03/24/18 16:35

PPS ...... I'm now wondering what on earth made me incandescent!   :D

MD 03/24/18 16:31

Ps ..... I'm so glad you found the comment ...... I was frantically searching for it.  LOL!!!!

MD 03/24/18 16:30

Well I think that proves I didn't say you were a moron ....... I asked!!!

MD 09/08/17 15:14

Hi Moose ...... is this you being sarcastic/moronic or just plain ornery?  Let me get this right ...... you object to adverts for loans but adverts for escorts are ok?  I see.     :D

And the incendescent comment was on The Bench.  I noticed your absence and actually put a comment saying "Moose .... you are missed."

Moose 03/24/18 16:00

Here is the moronery comment.

Moose 03/24/18 15:56

I remember that one, too.  I forget what it was about, but it scared me pretty badly.  I did not post for a while.

MD 03/24/18 15:42

Moose ........ I found this comment ........ on my search for the moronic incident:


MD 06/10/17 12:31

I won't say how I would have described Moose yesterday but my incandescence has now faded.  :D

MD 03/24/18 15:11

You do realise that I can't accept your memory of something as proof?  I need black and white evidence. :D

Moose 03/24/18 14:52

I am not going to dig through to find it, but the phrase was something like "moronic comment".  I remember it vividly.

MD 03/24/18 14:49

Moose .......... I have never, ever called you a moron ...... well ..... not on Opentopia.  LOL!!!!!!!

Moose 03/24/18 14:03

MD...  As I recall, the last time I replied to one of these idiots you call me a moron!

MD 03/24/18 13:26

I'd love to let you know what I think!!!!

Moose 08/31/17 11:34

All cams are back up now.

MD 08/31/17 00:03

Just tried SDL and it says disabled.

MD 08/31/17 00:00

I used Google and it actually says "The camera is turned off."

Moose 08/30/17 23:42

The translator I used said "Camera is disabled".  Whatever.  Him no workee.

MD 08/30/17 23:37

"камера отключена".  That says "Camera is turned off."

Moose 08/30/17 23:30

Hi trix... That's what I thought!  All at once, just gone.  I checked the direct feeds and nothing.

trix abound 08/30/17 23:08



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