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Nursery School

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Nursery School
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Nursery School

2774 hours ago

Nursery School

2777 hours ago

Nursery School

2780 hours ago

Nursery School

2783 hours ago

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Comments (30)

MD 03/28/19 05:05

Hi Bill ....... start 'em young!  :D

bill dude 03/27/19 18:11

Kids are sumo wrestling

Alex cow 05/25/17 02:53

and the cam is blurry SUCH GOOD QUALITY

Alex cow 05/24/17 05:28

One of those kids were too ACTIVE

Cheri xx 03/15/17 01:10

Awww bless.

bill dude 10/17/16 00:33

Wish they would focus this cam

bill dude 11/13/15 02:28

I think it is neat that the kids have a part it serving the lunch and clean up afterwards. Teaching responsibility early

40185 11/11/15 02:00

I have come across a few webcams like this in Japan and I could sware I've seen the same woman on 5 of them!

MD 11/02/15 13:59

Bill ...... maybe what she was jabbering caused the punishment. It could have been a string of profanities for all we know.

And the fact that there seems no evidence of school and college shootings in Japan could be down to the fact that children are corrected from a very early age.  :)

bill dude 11/02/15 13:51

MD I agree, hoowever, punishment should be equal. It appeared that the little girl was standing next to her chair and jabbering with the other kids. That is when the adult snatched the chair, yet just a moment later two more kids in the same area were standing and jabbering. Unequal punishment causes damage also. I will say that the little girl seemed embarrassed at first, but rebounded.
As for "Maybe more correction would stamp out the school and college shootings.", there is some truth in that, but also, for the most part I have seen no evidence of this behavior in Japan.

MD 11/02/15 12:14

Hi Bill ..... no use having soft hearts in this day and age. Children have to be corrected. Maybe more correction would stamp out the school and college shootings.

bill dude 11/02/15 02:28

Oh my, the kids are all at the tables, being kids abd one of the adults just walked up and snatched a little girls chair froom her and put it by the stage. The poor little girl just stood there looking sad. Guess I am to soft hearted.

MD 10/30/15 12:18


Mira Bilis 10/30/15 04:26

But Bill ... surely it must be right wing and conservative if it's been censored.  ;)

bill dude 10/29/15 23:31

Must be a left wing, liberal security cam "If we can't see it, nothing is wrong"

bill dude 10/15/15 22:53

The lunch these kids get is 100% better than what American kids get

bill dude 07/10/15 00:04

I wonder if this is like a daycare or elenentary school? When compared to the other school
these kids are dreed in normal clothes, the other are more uniform.

selah krassenstein 07/06/15 07:35

cute there playing musical chairs


blake lv 09/04/14 03:59

the tall kid is always bullying other kids

blake lv 09/04/14 03:37

nobody has leftovers in his bowl, even kindergarten kids know the value of food, it's their tradition.


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