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Saint Petersburg Play Area
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Saint Petersburg Play Area

237 hours ago

Saint Petersburg Play Area

240 hours ago

Saint Petersburg Play Area

243 hours ago

Saint Petersburg Play Area

246 hours ago

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Comments (25)

Phoenix 09/24/23 15:30

Beautiful big colorful play area for the children here...

MD 12/06/21 15:00

Hi Roger Barker ....  I hope you are well.  It's 2 years today since Trix died, so she never heard of Covid. Seems to have been a long 2 years.

You take care.


MD 12/24/19 13:42

Fantastic place.

Homely 12/15/19 14:50

Amazing playground!

bill dude 05/26/19 12:34

A kids paradise

Deathstalker 06/07/18 14:31

I have not played at a playground in such a long time.

Deathstalker 06/07/18 14:26

This is nice.

MD 09/10/17 15:10

Yes ..... fantastic ...... and not vandalized.

Moose 09/10/17 14:25

What a fun looking playground!!

MD 05/12/16 14:22

Hi Robert ...... what an awful thing to happen and how dreadful that the child's mother saw the accident. I don't think I've seen these gates closed in the daytime. I used to be a police woman in the midlands ... my last home was near Wolverhampton so I know what you mean about small housing estates. About self-closing gates ... I bet our health and safety would say they weren't safe .... thinking of tiny fingers getting trapped and not looking at the bigger picture.

Robert Roper 05/12/16 12:29

So now you know why I have a thing about closing gates and I get angry, especially when I know that these gates could have very easily been made to be self closing, when they were manufactured and at no extra cost, if a bit more thought had been put into their design. play area. All we had, years ago, was the local park, with a couple of rusty old swings
†Sorry about the rather long and depressing post, but I do agree that this is an amazing

Robert Roper 05/12/16 12:29

Hi MD.
†This can happen in the quietist of areas.
†In 1979 when my wife and I were married, we had a 4 year old Pageboy at our wedding, cute little lad but he was very headstrong and would be off like a rocket if someone was not holding on to him.
† His family lived on a small housing estate in Birmingham. It was in a quiet side road, with cars parked down both sides.
† One day, a couple of months after our wedding, whilst his mother was looking after his young baby sister, she saw him running down the short path in their front garden. There was nothing his mother could do, someone had left the front door slightly open.The little lad ran straight out between two parked cars and was hit by a car travelling at only about 15mph. The car was already on top of the boy when he had run out into the road, so there was no chance of the driver stopping it and he was not blamed.
†The boys' mother had seen this all happen and said later, it was as if it had all been in slow motion.
†The boy was taken to hospital with serious injuries and survived for just 4 days, only regaining conciseness for a few minutes, just before he died.

MD 05/10/16 12:20

Hi Robert ..... I agree with you in principle but in practice this is a very quiet area with regard to traffic. This is one of my favourite cams, I look at it often but very rarely see cars moving at speed. On the contrary ...... most of them creep along looking for a space to park.† I wish there had been play areas like this when I was young enough. Amazing place.† :D

Robert Roper 05/10/16 12:02

This is a lovely play area, but why oh why don't adults taking their children there close the gates when going in or out? While I have been watching today, quite a few adults with children have visited the area and not one person has shut a gate. All three sets of gates have been left wide open, it would be so easy for a young child to slip away from it's carer and run straight out between the parked cars with disasterous results. Sorry for the moans, but it can and does happen (I am going from a past, personal experience).

Dominga 07/15/15 04:33

where are these games?

MD 09/26/14 12:59

Zed... so do I when I see this place. :D

zedyer 09/26/14 12:10

I want to be a kid again >:((

Mira Bilis 06/07/14 15:22

Every town should have one.† ;D

shyannedianne 05/13/14 03:02

It certainly does devon,I print screened it and shown my daughter on fb,she thinks same as me :D we'd never get my granddaughter out of there for hours lol

MD 05/12/14 16:28

Shyannedianne, isn't it lovely? And so colourful. Makes our local play area look dismal.


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