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BIAR Akureyri Flight School - East View
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BIAR Akureyri Flight School - East View

3 hours ago

BIAR Akureyri Flight School - East View

6 hours ago

BIAR Akureyri Flight School - East View

9 hours ago

BIAR Akureyri Flight School - East View

12 hours ago

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Comments (22)

Dusti Buns 04/22/22 14:52

Pretty chill today

MD 02/04/18 16:12

I like to see where I'm going.

Moose 02/04/18 16:07

I was thinking likewise.† Mountains all around and then no visibility.† Apparently the pilot knew where he was going.

MD 02/04/18 16:02

Very restful until he flies into those clouds.† :)

Moose 02/04/18 15:44

MD... To take your mind off of stuff, re-watch the video you posted.

Mira Bilis 07/12/14 00:54

That teeny tiny plane looks like it fell off a carnival ride!† Hahah!† :D

Mira Bilis 07/12/14 00:53

LMAO Kyle ... great expression!!† :D

Kyle Gosnell 07/12/14 00:49

that is the ultImate crotch rocket haHAHAHAAH

Kyle Gosnell 07/12/14 00:49

Mira, look behind that Cessna, that tiny little job,. that would be a super grin to fly

Kyle Gosnell 07/12/14 00:47

wow, real time speed is a GRIN

Mira Bilis 07/12/14 00:46

(and I love that Coldplay song!)† :)

Kyle Gosnell 07/12/14 00:45

absolutely thanks†

Kyle Gosnell 07/12/14 00:45

Very cool, wish it was me, oh, I'm working on something, later on, maybe, will make videos for you, ok hahahaha

Mira Bilis 07/12/14 00:43

Amazing video MD ... thanks for sharing.

MD 07/12/14 00:32

Kyle, you just have† to look at this.

Kyle Gosnell 07/11/14 23:43

that one is smaller than a complact †car hehehahahaha

Kyle Gosnell 07/11/14 23:42

Wow, i've ridden in the tiny Cessna, do you see the wee little one behind it? that would be a grin to ride that one

kyle 07/11/13 21:21

Cool, tnks  ;-)

MD 07/11/13 21:13

Kyle, you've heard of a wedding trousseau?..... well this is a wedding TRUCE! :))

kyle 07/11/13 21:07

Ah, I must agree, getting old and slow to react, alas I do wish i had some of the reflexes I had in my youth, however I do regret not taking all the lessons i could get in my youth, especially Helo training

Dang, it is becoming  epidemic of agreement with us kid, what is happening?  X-))


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