Lawai Beach Resort

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Lawai Beach Resort
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Lawai Beach Resort

5 hours ago

Lawai Beach Resort

8 hours ago

Lawai Beach Resort

11 hours ago

Lawai Beach Resort

14 hours ago

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Comments (23)

Rando 220 05/24/18 03:39

Man, never get tired of watching this cam. I'd love to visit here someday...

deacon 04/07/18 18:03

Ahh, nice here.

MD 02/21/18 11:19

Jime ..... at least you didn't have to pay full price. I feel robbed.  LOL!!!!

JimE 02/21/18 01:18

Yes MD all the planning and looking forward all for naught!  Cest la vie....

MD 02/21/18 01:06

Oh Jime ...... I'm so sorry to hear that.  I hope your travel companion is recovering.

I got to Spain and then got that Aussie flu. I was in a 4 star hotel with everything included .... including drinks and bar snacks ...... and I was too ill to eat.  Never got to Barcelona.  As you say  ... there's always  next year but it's such a let-down.

JimE 02/21/18 00:42

Alas, JimE did not make it to Kauai this year for his annual vacation.  He was on his way and was travelling through the Seattle airport, when his travelling companion had an unfortunate accident with an escallator!  Her pull along travel bag somehow got tangled behind her and pulled her down backwards onto the steps.  911 was dispatched and the airport police also intervened.  Off to the hospital in the ambulance we went.  She had some pretty severe gashes on her hand, side and the back of her head.  Oh, her thumb was also broken.  Further medical tests necessitated an overnight stay at hospital.  Upon release we decided to return to Anchorage instead of plowing on to HI.  The Property Rental folks in HI and Alaska Airlines were most accommodating with us.  We only lost two days rent on the house (they were able to rent it for 12 days out of the original 14 I had requested) and Alaska Air refunded all but the travel to and from Seattle.  A hectic couple of days in Seattle I care not to repeat any time soon.  Oh well, there's always next year!  I knew something like this was going to travel when I left my straw hat in the Motor Home when we winterized it for the season!!   The saga continues....

XXHar SASAS 03/14/17 01:32
XXHar SASAS 03/14/17 01:32
MD 01/21/17 20:03

Has anyone seen Jime?

isaiah A. 11/23/16 21:16

looks quiet windy!  wonder if it is always this windy in this area.

MD 01/11/16 00:41

Hi Jime ..... have a really good time ...... you lucky devil!  :D

Mira Bilis 01/11/16 00:33

I'll post the link here too ...  :)

JimE 01/10/16 23:57

MDD and MB, I'll be on Maui this trip (leave on the 14th Jan) staying at the Kaanapali Shores Resort.  Not very many cameras on Maui that I have found.  Maybe you know of some.  Let me know and I'll be sure to wave!!  See you from the sunny Islands!

MD 01/23/15 19:42

Mira..... he could stroll around everywhere... waving all the time. We'd be sure to notice him.  LOL

Mira Bilis 01/23/15 19:26

Jime could wave to us from here, if he can figure out which cam to stand in front of.  ;)

MD 12/19/14 21:25

I'm sure I've seen at least 3 different swimming pools on this cam in the last 3 mins!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/19/14 21:01

The Ocean is beautiful here today too.

Mira Bilis 10/20/14 03:27

Stormy weather.

Mira Bilis 08/25/14 20:03
Mira Bilis 02/15/14 00:29

Even Hawaii looks wet and windy today.


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