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McClellan Peak - Access Road
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McClellan Peak - Access Road

4 hours ago

McClellan Peak - Access Road

7 hours ago

McClellan Peak - Access Road

10 hours ago

McClellan Peak - Access Road

13 hours ago

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Comments (19)

MD 03/24/19 08:39

I agree with most of what you say† ........ except that I can't reconcile "Kyle" with "intellect."† He actually put comments on the cams saying that if he was confused about anything he just covered it with BS and blah blah blahed his way through.† LOL!!

37621 03/24/19 08:00

Most likely Kyle is another "Jim Oberg" who is a retired NASA engineer. Now is a paid debunker (by NASA) who goes around debunking any talk of UFOs or aliens. All that scientific blah blah sounded alot like Jim. Intellectually spinning us around with words to intimidate us into thinking we're idiots for thinking such things. I have watched the International Space Station live web cams and know for a fact that those other civilizations are out there and we are visited regularly. NASA deletes that footage as fast as possible or they bring up the blue screen so we can't see it. But what has already been seen by the viewers can not be unseen. Or forgotten.

MD 02/25/15 00:00


trix abound 02/24/15 23:52

well he's always talking science mumbo jumbo....alright....maybe he reads "Science Digest"....

MD 02/24/15 23:45

Erm...... is that what it is???† Scientific???? Now I know you've read too many of his comments. LOL

trix abound 02/24/15 23:36

i'll never understand a scientific mind...LOL

MD 02/24/15 23:26

I've tried doing that but sometimes ... the more I read... the more confused I get.

trix abound 02/24/15 23:14

LOL....or just trying to make sense of it all!!!!!

MD 02/24/15 23:06

Trix.... that's because you insist on reading between the lines!!!!!†† LOL!!!!!!

trix abound 02/24/15 22:53

MD...ate was suuuuuperb!!!!...i find that when i read some of kyles comments my brain feels it's being twisted and stretched!!!!

MD 02/24/15 22:46

You'll feel better once you've had that shepherds pie!† :))

trix abound 02/24/15 22:40

see what it does to me!!!!!!!†† *getting

trix abound 02/24/15 22:39

i'm gettiong dizzy......LOL

MD 02/24/15 21:48

Lovely view and entertaining comments!† ;))

MD 07/16/14 10:04

Kyle, I don't think Steve Fosset saw any sign saying "Keep Out."

Kyle Gosnell 07/16/14 05:39

Loks like i waded in with my mouth here, should have made a few calls to see just what it is, oh well. †There are places that can get ya shot, once many years ago in a very highly populated area, in Maryland, my sister nearly got shot as the guard shot near her, he knew me and decided he didnt have to, he could have been courmar,,, oh well, in any case, after all these years have no idea who that guy was, sis told me of it this year, so dont know. My point is bad things can happen if you disobey those serious little signs of stay out, some mean business, and they can make your body dissapear as well , same as in any country, as i said above,. obey military type signs, or you could be made to "go away" you have no rights worth anything if you are dead

kyle 06/22/14 00:00

When opne talks about happenings near a military base, one thats secret, you get into the realm of reality that takes into the account of being shot down for not being where you are supposed to be, they post signs that deadly force is going to be used, that you can take to the bank. best advice is to not go there

kyle 06/21/14 23:57

People want mysteries, it drives the imagination, reality is much more sinister, and has usually two legs and a motive. †As far as aliens, yes maybe on some far away world, but, not here unless they have broken the barrier between dimentions, its logistically too far to go, lots of junk in between here and there, look at it this way, if you put in a piece of rock every 100 miles, a piece the size of a marble, the road becomes blocked closer than the nearest star. †I leave the dimentional aspect to the theorists on the possibility. †There are mysteries, but then again, there are too many mysteries right here on Earth to borrow from the space uglies. When they finally explore the oceans, I'll take a look outside of this realm hahahaha take care

MD 04/18/14 22:19

I'm just watching a prog, "The Mystery of the Nevada Triangle." About the finding of Steve Fosset's plane, and the disappearance of others. Not the sort of place you'd want to get lost in.


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