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'View of the Sea' Cottages
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'View of the Sea' Cottages

5345 hours ago

'View of the Sea' Cottages

5348 hours ago

'View of the Sea' Cottages

5351 hours ago

'View of the Sea' Cottages

5354 hours ago

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Comments (35)

Arizona Sue 09/19/23 01:19

Hi Phoenix.  And here I am, just a year older than you!😂

Phoenix 09/18/23 22:36

Thank you all for the birthday wishes on my 21st....   :-)

Homely 08/30/23 15:07

Oh! Happy Belated, Phoenix! I hope you were treated well and had a wonderful day!


Arizona Sue 08/28/23 04:46

Happiest of birthdays to Phoenix!

Homely 08/27/23 17:10

Hi, Phoenix - No, nothing, I'm very sad to say. I used that email, as well as another. I have those on my work computer, which is being replaced this weekend. I will double check my spam folder when I get back to the office and am up and running again.

Phoenix 08/20/23 12:30

Hi Homely, i sent off an email using the one nurple.. hasn't come back yet, so hopefully someone will answer.

Phoenix 08/13/23 16:47

Hi Homely, any feedback from the emails you sent??? I'm still thinking the worst... 

N Q 07/28/23 13:56

Sue this week we've also have had the heat up here in Wis. Yesterday the heat index was 110° and dewpoint of 76. Luckily a storm came through and brought the temps down some. We had a tornado go through a half mile down the rode from me on monday afternoon due extreme heat, luckily nobody was hurt but a few roofs were blown off and lots of trees down.

It looks like today will be the first day we'll get a break in the temps, we're going back down into the 80's with dewpoints in the mid 60's.

Arizona Sue 07/27/23 20:46

Hotter than Hades here in the Phoenix desert.   Hottest July on record.   A thunderstorm sounds wonderful.   Send it here from Florida!   It hasn't rained in our area in any measurable amount since March.  

Phoenix 07/27/23 18:40

Down here in South Florida we're into the hot, muggy, rainy and thundery period. Rained cats and dogs last night, and they promised more today, but not so far. Everything has gone a bit soggy. Wish someone would tell us how MD is.. I'm thinking the worst. Your middle name should be Sherlock, Homely!! Hope someone gets back!!

N Q 07/12/23 16:52

That's good news Homely. now it's just a matter of whether anybody is actually checking her email on a regular basis.

Homely 07/11/23 20:03

Sue, I think we are getting all of your rain out East here. We have both family and friends in Vermont and the flooding there is devastating. If it were dry here, though, I promise we would not shoot off our fireworks!

MD Update for you and NQ - I have had no bounceback messages from the two email addresses to which I sent messages, but also no communication. I continue to check my in box and junk box daily. As a test, I sent an email to an old address of my own that I know for certain is out of commission. It took about 40 hours, but I did get a bounceback message from that. Continuing to hope that I will hear from someone.



Arizona Sue 07/10/23 20:32

Hi all.  We live in the desert.  Dry and very hot this time of year.  No rain since April!   This is our rainy season but so far, not a drop.  I loved fireworks as a child and young adult.  

N Q 07/09/23 15:58

Homely when I lived in the country I also shot off fireworks, gave them up when I moved into town. I'm really surprise that very few of my neighbors shot them off this year especially as long as we've had no rain since the 4th.

Homely 07/08/23 17:17

Sadly, ladies, we might be your idiots, LOL! Unrepentant firework firers in our house, but in our defense, we DO live out in the country! 

N Q 07/07/23 13:58

Sue we share the same idiots, one set their garage on fire with their fireworks. They set them off in a highly populated neighborhood, at least it was their garage and not a neighbors house that went up in flames !

I really get tired of them stating that they have a god given right to set off fireworks whenever they want to, I think the right god gave them is to be morons !


Arizona Sue 07/07/23 04:37

Hi N Q and Homely.  Wow! Homely, your detective skills are indeed impressive.   I'm looking forward to finally discovering what has happened to our dear MD.  Sorry that my previous comment hiccuped last time.   Our Fourth was hot and dry. Some stupid neighbors had fireworks in their front yard and started a fire.  Non stupid neighbors came running with fire extinguishers and helped contain the fire until FD arrived.  

N Q 07/06/23 17:26

Great sleuthing Homely to have come up with MD's addy. It might take a couple days before you get a "mail failure" message back if her email addy has been closed down, I found that out emailing a UK friend that had changed email carriers, where it took 3 days before I got a mail failure notice.

Hopefully BJ checks in on MD's email occasionally but it might be awhile, we can only hope she does.

My 4th was uneventful, it rained most of the day and our temps were tropical so I stayed inside with my air conditioning. Because of the rain very few fireworks were set off but I have a feeling that will happen this weekend :(

Homely 07/05/23 23:01

NQ - I think you must be correct in that assessment. And, as I recall, back in the day you were among those of us with a better grasp on the technical stuff than most :-)

I hope you had a calm and quiet 4th. We are still having pretty massive storms every day, but in between them things are pretty good. We have discovered, though, that we have a bear visiting our yard so I am going to have to call in the local naturalists, methinks.

Finally, I've been going nuts about MD, so during some of my holiday downtime I identified some cams where it would have been likely that she and Indigo exchanged info, and I found what I was looking for. There were a couple of options bandied about, and I've sent messages to both. Nothing has bounced back, so we will see if BJ is monitoring things. I suspect these are quiet accounts with little to no monitoring. I'll be back on here letting you all know if I hear back. 

N Q 07/05/23 22:03

Homely it could be that people/places are updating their webcams for security purposes, so they're coming back online but I have a feeling that maybe some of these cams have had software updates or the router has had an update and part of the update was to update their passwords to keep the cams private.

Back when there were so many cams on here, I have a feeling most of the cam owners had no idea that they didn't have their cam secure and as they became aware of the fact that strangers were watching their cams they figured out how to password protect their cams.


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