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'View of the Sea' Cottages
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'View of the Sea' Cottages

5 hours ago

'View of the Sea' Cottages

8 hours ago

'View of the Sea' Cottages

11 hours ago

'View of the Sea' Cottages

14 hours ago

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Comments (17)

biatar Samosir 09/09/19 04:17

is there any picture?

nice to see it

biatar Samosir 09/09/19 04:16

beatiful .... 

thank you
<a href="></a>

renush renush 07/06/19 00:56

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MD 03/03/16 19:08

Very nicely done and they even give the name of the drone pilot. I thought how well the music fit the bill .... only to see that it's called "The Lightkeeper's Lament."

Amazing what you can find on Youtube.

Mira Bilis 03/03/16 18:44
trix abound 08/27/14 13:02

aww....too many cloudy days throw me into  depression...we are supposed to have hot and humid today...the first day of school and summer finally

MD 08/27/14 12:52

Beautiful.... and I'm looking out at grey clouds and rain. Again.

trix abound 08/27/14 12:45

very pretty day....

carl douglas 06/21/14 22:17

Beautiful indeed :)

Mira Bilis 06/05/14 00:27

No worries ... I just added that MD ... thanks! :)

MD 06/05/14 00:23

Mira Bilis, I just green thumbed. I don't know how long it had been waiting.

Mira Bilis 06/04/14 23:59

LOL MD .... and no sea to see at the moment! ;D

MD 05/02/14 22:37

And on the link, "Bras d'Or" is Golden Arm.... nothing to do with bras!!! LOL

Mira Bilis 05/02/14 22:15

The name is slightly misleading ... it should be 'View of the Sea' Cottages ...  :)

indigo 04/13/14 10:14

Where are the cottages ?

Mira Bilis 02/22/14 21:09

Lovely.  :-)

MD 02/04/14 12:22

At this moment it looks beautiful in the sunshine.


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