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Crea Mall

8 hours ago

Crea Mall

17 hours ago

Crea Mall

20 hours ago

Crea Mall

23 hours ago

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Comments (377)

MD 06/30/20 15:35

Hi Tag ...... masks are common on this cam ..... and have been for ages.  Sensible people.

tag 06/30/20 03:20

Good to see so many masks. Wish people in the US would wise up.

Ed Hilver 04/23/20 16:22

Ive been watching this webcam for years.

Ed Hilver 04/19/20 19:18

So busy.

MD 04/10/20 15:23

JimE!!!!  JimE!!!!!!    I don't gobble chocolates  ...... I savor every morsel ..... just as I'm doing right now with the chocolates delivered yesterday.  It's all about priorities.  People are stripping the shelves of what they consider necessities.  Nobody is emptying the shelves of what I consider vital supplies.   LOL!!!

I like the idea of a picture spread.  I have lots of photographs on my walls of places I've visited.  I never get tired of looking at them.  I hope you are going to Hawaii again next year.

JimE 04/09/20 23:21

Thanks MD, yes I can see you now with your feel up on the setee gobbling some chocolates!  You know, the ones that were delivered!  Anyway good to see that you are well and your spirits high.  I'm still working on a picture spread from the last visit to Hawaii.  In these times; no big hurry.  Stay well!

bill dude 04/09/20 16:45

11PM and no one.

MD 04/05/20 02:24

Hi JimE    ........  it seems to be happening more frequently with this cam.

I have to admit I'm quite enjoying myself.  Peace and quiet and all shopping delivered ....... including the expected box of chocolates or two.   I'm partying like there's no tomorrow.  LOL

You look after yourself and be safe.

JimE 04/05/20 00:54

Looks like someone has 'whacked' the cam again!  I hope everyone is safe and well and your spirit is up!

Homely 12/19/19 02:27

Hi Ekaterna!!!

MD 12/16/19 12:08

Yaaaaaaay! Thanks stargzr.

MD 12/08/19 15:06

It did exactly the same a week or 2 ago.  Such a shame.

stargzr 12/08/19 03:09

What is going on with these cams??????

stargzr 11/08/19 03:31

such a busy place

JimE 10/22/19 01:08

Ok, MD I will post the info on Hula Daddy's page.† It will be in January as I am scheduled to be there 21 Jan thru 8 Feb.† You never know though - I may become stuck on top of that mountain!!† I'm just kidding of course.† I hope they put this camera right soon too.† This is one of the more enjoyable cameras for people watching!† I keep looking for the woman in the yellow dress!

MD 10/22/19 00:58

JimE .....† I just went back through the comments. It on page 6.† It was Mira Bilis on 08/18/14 at 00.32.

Could you put the info on Hula Daddy's Coffee cam as well please .....† I always think of you when I look at that cam.† And yes ...... you never know ...... you might be "discovered."††† Will it be January?

I hope they put this cam right soon.

JimE 10/22/19 00:47

Hi MD,† I have seen the photo of the cam location you are referring to.† I thought the same thing that it would be difficult to move the cam.† Maybe the cam is remote controlled and someone bumped the 'joy stick', as it is pointed straight at the ground!† Just about ready for vacation as far as reservations go.† Still need to figure out which Jeep company to rent from but that's a minor thing.† I am planning on going back to 'Hula Daddy's Coffee' this trip.† I will post my trip time here on this page.† Who knows, some big movie producer might even see me!†† LOL

MD 10/22/19 00:38

Hi JimE† .......† I don't think so.† It's one of those round things stuck to a "ceiling."†† Waaaaaay back in the comments someone put a picture with an arrow pointing at the cam† .... it might even have been Joe Hector who did it.† Tomorrow ..... if I remember .... I'll find it.

All ready for your vacation????

JimE 10/22/19 00:21

Looks like someone has 'nudged' the camera?


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