Young Circle Park

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Young Circle Park
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Young Circle Park

6 hours ago

Young Circle Park

9 hours ago

Young Circle Park

12 hours ago

Young Circle Park

15 hours ago

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Comments (37)

pham yen 08/06/19 19:41

The article you share here is great. I really like and appreciate your work

pham yen 08/06/19 19:40

So cool i love this i guess many people will love this

ariana pham 07/03/19 19:10

Thanks for sharing us a great information that is actually helpful

MD 03/01/19 12:45

That's a busy road.

MD 09/09/17 23:27

What a position to be in ...... Irma to the south and tornadoes to the north.

Rain Shadow 09/09/17 23:15

Just to add to the Irma misery, there are now tornadoes being reported in some areas.

MD 02/24/15 18:38

A veritable ice sculpture!

trix abound 02/24/15 18:30

but it would be beautiful....looking at it from inside!!!!

MD 02/24/15 18:19

Trix... if this was in your neck of the woods... they would be icicles!

MD 01/20/15 00:09

Hahahaha!  Plenty of people about so I hope there is a toilet nearby.  :))

trix abound 01/20/15 00:06

some people never

trix abound 01/20/15 00:03 NQ's running to "P" now!!!!   LOL

MD 01/19/15 23:52

Hey NQ.... I thought Trix said not to come to the Florida fountain. LOL

MD 01/19/15 23:51

NQ..... I don't need them. I get in a lot of exercise walking to and from the bathroom! LOL 

And that astronaut was one crazy lady!

N Q 01/19/15 23:42

Forget about surgery--have you two not heard of Depends--LOL!

Remember the female astronaut who drove 900 miles to confront a rival for the affections of a fellow astronaut that she was in love with. She wore diapers so that she wouldn't need to make any stops on the way to confronting her rival :)

MD 01/19/15 17:07

I only have decaf but I drink it from morning til night.

trix abound 01/19/15 17:03

MD....i'm down to 2 cups a day!!!

MD 01/19/15 16:57

I really will have to stop drinking so much coffee.  :))


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