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Lens Cove Marina
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Lens Cove Marina

5 hours ago

Lens Cove Marina

8 hours ago

Lens Cove Marina

11 hours ago

Lens Cove Marina

14 hours ago

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Comments (49)

MD 04/25/19 04:05

I'll just get my shears.

Jacob The Legend 01/24/18 16:01

this site is cool i can preveiw places id like to travel

MD 09/18/17 18:57

About a hundred?????† I really didn't see so many.† :D

Moose 09/18/17 18:42

Also, Rain Shadow re-posted that imgur link without the "S". †With a comment about another portal sighting or something. †Admin whacked that too.

Rain Shadow 09/18/17 18:39

I remember that, Moose.† It is just that unless the posts still show up on the home page under 'recent comments' when I log in, then I am not aware of them.

Moose 09/18/17 18:31

Are you two messing with me?! †Some guys posted about a hundred loan adverts. †MD said "Go away" to them about a dozen times. †Rain Shadow said that somebody needed to call Admin because it was getting tiresome. †Now you say "What?" †Of course all the evidence is gone now.

Rain Shadow 09/18/17 17:51

Moose, I must have missed all the excitement.† Where was the spamming?

MD 09/18/17 16:40

Hi Moose ...... I actually had trouble getting Opentopia to open. My screen kept telling me the address was not recognized. In the end I went to Bookmarks and chose a cam.† It opened and then I went to the home page. I've seen no spam flying about.†† :D

Moose 09/18/17 16:25

Rain Shadow and MD... I am glad that you did not get caught in the spammer crossfire. †Some of your posts went away I think, and then all was quiet. †I thought, Uh Oh.

Rain Shadow 09/18/17 15:57

Yes, it is the reflection from the camera lens.† (No wonder it is called Lens Cove Marina.)† One or two other cameras on Opentopia have the same lens effect at night.

Harleen Quinzel 09/18/17 10:10

I wonder if it's the camera light or something reflecting off glass, but you'd think the old cam pics from the stream would also have it.

Harleen Quinzel 09/18/17 08:11

The giant glowing green ring........... what is that? Here's a screen shot of it:

Rain Shadow 04/26/17 18:49

I hope nobody wanted privacy on that boat parked in front of the camera.

49545 02/22/17 10:14

The eye, it won't blink get out of my head.

MD 12/16/16 19:17

Very likely.

deacon 12/16/16 15:46

Bet that's a bait and tackle shop on the right.

Way557 12/05/16 15:13

Another cam with their first snow.

MD 03/13/15 13:54

Trix.... snow near the ocean.

Mira Bilis 08/18/14 16:55

Oh dear!!† I hope nobody had an accident or was taken ill!† :(

trix abound 08/18/14 16:48



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