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Lens Cove Marina
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Lens Cove Marina

5 hours ago

Lens Cove Marina

8 hours ago

Lens Cove Marina

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Lens Cove Marina

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Comments (37)

Rain Shadow 04/26/17 18:49

I hope nobody wanted privacy on that boat parked in front of the camera.

49545 02/22/17 10:14

The eye, it won't blink get out of my head.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 12/16/16 19:17

Very likely.

deacon 12/16/16 15:46

Bet that's a bait and tackle shop on the right.

Way557 12/05/16 15:13

Another cam with their first snow.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 03/13/15 13:54

Trix.... snow near the ocean.

Mira Bilis 08/18/14 16:55

Oh dear!!  I hope nobody had an accident or was taken ill!  :(

trix abound 08/18/14 16:48


Mommie Dearest in Devon 08/18/14 16:40

Well there's plenty of water on the floor.

I love autumn and spring. I was amazed as a child to learn that leaves fall from the tree after a protective layer of cork or something seals off the tree to stop it from bleeding. Mother Nature is so clever.  :D

Mira Bilis 08/18/14 16:25

Did they just do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge??  :D

Mira Bilis 08/18/14 16:25

The leaves are already starting to fall from our red alders here and we're getting more sea fog in the mornings.  There's a definite scent of autumn in the air now.  Personally I don't mind ... I love autumn.  :)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 08/18/14 16:21

Hi girls, plenty of photographs being taken.

Sad to think of winter already.

trix abound 08/18/14 16:11

kids camp nearby maybe...

trix abound 08/18/14 16:10

thats how they winterize them...what a shame to have the season end already...

Mira Bilis 08/18/14 16:08

What's going on with the folks in blue t-shirts? I can't quite see.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 08/18/14 15:10

They just fished a boat out of the water. Looks like they're going to gift-wrap it!

Steve Sharp 05/14/14 00:26

They do get a lot of snow.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 04/27/14 22:51

This is looking better without all that snow. Back to work!

Mommie Dearest in Devon 03/23/14 13:51

Looks like more fresh snow.


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