PLU Chemistry's Bruker

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PLU Chemistry's Bruker
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PLU Chemistry's Bruker

5 hours ago

PLU Chemistry's Bruker

8 hours ago

PLU Chemistry's Bruker

11 hours ago

PLU Chemistry's Bruker

14 hours ago

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Comments (21)

MD 03/01/19 14:26
Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/28/16 23:26

I wanna see someone launch that thing! lol

sinister smile 02/09/16 17:55

Is this how nerds brew moonshine :)

Rain Shadow 10/28/15 18:06

I wonder what they are doing today?

MD 07/16/15 22:49

Hi Teo ..... way above my head.  LOL

Teo West 07/16/15 22:03

Hi MD..........Lots happening here today. Lots of people. These people are super nerds. I can't imagine doing what they are doing.

MD 07/16/15 21:53

Someone just walked past the window pushing a shopping trolley!

Teo West 07/16/15 21:15

It looks like the lady is adding the liquid nitrogen that this thing requires. I went to the schools web site and they seem to be very proud of this gizmo.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/11/14 16:23

Oh look, someone is actually working here today.

MD 05/18/14 16:50

Trix, you could be right, LOL. I have lots of fridge magnets. I could do with a sign like that to stop me getting more!

trix abound 05/18/14 16:38

i thought it was a sign banning magnets from the

MD 05/18/14 16:30

See the warning sign behind the stool..... lucky horseshoe's upside down. That REALLY is bad. LOL

trix abound 05/18/14 16:13

did you read the yellow writing on the bottom of the pic...server/events/failed...doesn't sound good...

Mira Bilis 05/18/14 16:06

The world's largest espresso machine.  ;P

MD 03/28/14 22:21

Red suits Father Christmas!  Lol

trix abound 03/28/14 21:41

he's in the red and thats never good....

Mira Bilis 03/28/14 21:32

Geeky goings on and a funky screensaver.  ;-)

kyle 07/24/13 03:22

Zedyer, I saw a bunch of lines jump al over the place on the computer screens and the pot heaved a bit, hahahaha at least it didnt blow up. That was several days ago, annnnd its still here, now we really await for the next reaction hahahahaha

kyle 07/13/13 03:34

I would say they just had a reaction, AND no one to see it hahahaha

kyle 07/13/13 03:33

Hmm wonder what it represents?


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