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Windspree Vacation Homes - Skyridge - Looking South

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Windspree Vacation Homes - Skyridge - Looking South
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Windspree Vacation Homes - Skyridge - Looking South

2470 hours ago

Windspree Vacation Homes - Skyridge - Looking South

2473 hours ago

Windspree Vacation Homes - Skyridge - Looking South

2476 hours ago

Windspree Vacation Homes - Skyridge - Looking South

2479 hours ago

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Comments (58)

Rain Shadow 09/06/17 20:04

No surprise that this camera is offline.  Here are some interesting updates from Richard Branson.  I have always admired his down to earth attitude

Homely 01/18/17 17:34

Would love to be there right now!

MD 05/27/16 19:24

Twig ...... typical.   LOL!!!!

Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/27/16 19:15

Mommie Dearest, if you ever read this, you'll get a kick out of it.  I took a job in the south, back in 2012 (still working here).  At 09:00 they sent us home because it MIGHT start to snow around 7:00pm.  (Wait, we all get off at 4:30 pm, NOBODY lived 2 hours away...what was the deal with THAT?)  LoL, it did not snow that day, either...

Savannah Robberts 08/20/15 12:49

The clouds, the vegitation, the view is just perfect. I LOVE it. :)

Mira Bilis 03/27/15 19:35

The clouds are always amazing on this camera.

trix abound 02/19/15 02:10

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!      RIGHT!!!!!

MD 02/19/15 02:03

Trix..... I know what you mean.... you couldn't possibly do less!!!  LOL

trix abound 02/19/15 01:07's the least i can do!!!!    believe me....

MD 02/19/15 00:24

Trix..... that's very charitable of you.  LOL!!!!!

trix abound 02/19/15 00:05's pity....nothing but pity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MD 02/18/15 23:42

Trix..... that hubby of yours..... he builds up your hopes and then dashes them. You might think this funny but deep down.... I know you care for the old beggar!!!  LOL

Close a school for an inch of snow.... wussies!   :))

trix abound 02/18/15 23:22

MD....i read on Susans journal that someone wrote telling her school was closed for a week because of 1 inch of snow...whimps!!!!

hubby of course lied again....he's still here

i hope it's not another arctic wind...

MD 02/18/15 23:08

Trix..... I bet I will have a big wind coming...... I just had curry!!!!!! :D  I did notice that nobody had a heavy coat or jacket but I never noticed the temperature on the New Orleans cam. They really know how to enjoy themselves.

And hubby's going out in all that snow... crazy.

NQ... lala land is bliss.... at least until that pesky wind arrives.  :))

N Q 02/18/15 22:24

MD you're very lucky to live in lala land--LOL !

trix abound 02/18/15 22:18

MD...hubby said it's almost time for him to leave so i said "don't let the door hit your a** on the way out"...LOL

trix abound 02/18/15 22:16

MD....did you notice that on the New Orleans webcam it was 40 degrees and they were only wearing light jackets or sweatshirts?

trix abound 02/18/15 22:14

watch it girl...i heard you have a big wind

MD 02/18/15 22:07

I'm so happy..... and lucky... to be living in lala land. And I know it!   LOL!!!

trix abound 02/18/15 21:59

OMG NQ....i have at least 2 feet of snow on my roof but no one can seem to get up there to clear windows are leaking into the back door freezes shut every morning and there's MD living in lala land...LOL


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