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Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry

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Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry
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Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry

6950 hours ago

Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry

6953 hours ago

Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry

6956 hours ago

Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry

6959 hours ago

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Comments (16)

46506 10/29/16 04:07


MD 06/27/15 14:51

Thanks Mira.  :)

Mira Bilis 06/27/15 14:18

Here you go MD ... the schedule might help ...  :)

MD 06/27/15 14:10

I got to see the ferry on Animation of Last Snapshots.

MD 07/22/14 16:35

Looks like nobody wants the ferry today.

MD 06/20/14 16:46

Well darn!!!!! The ferry was here, the cam said Live Feed but it didn't look very live to me so I went to Refreshing Stills. I stayed with that until these 2 people walked down. I went back to Live Feed and the darned ferry had gone. Yet again, I missed the boat!!  LOL

MD 02/05/14 00:45

I'll try to remember to look.

Mira Bilis 02/04/14 23:33

Should be busy here tomorrow, with the downtown victory parade.  ;-)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/07/13 13:38

Lol, I miss the beauty of the snow but am glad that I am not in the middle of it. I have a choice. If I ever want snow I can either go to the mountains or go visit my hometown in Indiana. 

Mira Bilis 11/23/13 22:59

We've travelled on these ferries on several occasions ... beautiful views from either side of Puget Sound.  :-)  (And no complaints here about the weather ... it's what keeps it the 'Evergreen State' - and thank goodness for that. ;-))

MD 11/21/13 17:10

My grandparents lived in California for a while and they used to say they sometimes missed the rain,  However, when they visited us, they moaned if it was raining.  We had another blustery snow shower this morning. Winter is coming, not that you'd notice in So. Cal!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/21/13 08:24

Ty MD, everyday in So. Cali. is beautiful all year around. Although I do miss the rain once in awhile : ((

MD 10/18/13 14:27

Hi Carol. I hope you're having a lovely day in southern California.  :))

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/18/13 14:19

lmao@mommie dearest

MD 08/23/13 16:28

Lol!  Depends how bored you are to begin with!  :))

MD 07/02/13 14:56



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