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Virginia Tech Drilling Field

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Virginia Tech Drilling Field

42930 hours ago

Virginia Tech Drilling Field

42936 hours ago

Virginia Tech Drilling Field

42942 hours ago

Virginia Tech Drilling Field

42948 hours ago

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kyle 02/20/13 14:41

Hello REEN if you are still viewing these things, My email address is still the same kid.   I dont know why folks want the header to read WAR memorial, as its not unless you count the attack on innocent folks some time back, the lackluster aims of the Govt now to resolve such things, is appalling if the rags are to believed, since the Main stream media allowed the, ahem, buyers , to break the back of the Medias long standing rule of truth, its become international sensational rags, that hint at truth, and blow out of proportion the real stories, to glorify those who are monsters.

Sorry Girl, you know what I mean, trying to evade the wrath of the truth benders, as no one cares any more


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