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Marktplatz Rauris
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Marktplatz Rauris

4 hours ago

Marktplatz Rauris

7 hours ago

Marktplatz Rauris

10 hours ago

Marktplatz Rauris

13 hours ago

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Comments (25)

MD 02/01/19 04:22

Hi there,

The time at the top left of the picture is 4 minutes fast.   It's Opentopia's time that is wrong.

Jack Schmitt 02/01/19 01:23

Too bad the time is off by about 7 hours.

Jack Schmitt 02/01/19 01:21
MD 01/13/19 09:43

Beautiful  ...... and the trees still have lights on.

MD 11/18/18 15:57

Hi Szabo Zsolt  .........  it's a really beautiful country.   I love it.

Szabo Zsolt 11/18/18 14:44

Austria is my favorit country...

MD 12/15/17 15:54

Yes ..... very similar.

Moose 12/15/17 15:05

It reminds me of the shed festival at St. Steven's a few months ago.

MD 12/15/17 15:01

A mini market.

Way557 12/15/17 12:15

another tiny house get together.

MD 08/13/17 16:28

It's lovely at Christmas ...... plenty of lights.

Ekaterina 08/13/17 16:12

Me too, MD.

MD 01/07/17 17:17

I like this cam.

N Q 11/27/15 23:54

nicely lit trees here :)

MD 04/28/15 18:15

Yes .... lovely clear cam and I quite like the view although it seems a bit quiet at the moment.

Mira Bilis 04/28/15 18:01

LOL ... I guess they must have been planted there.  I love the clarity of this cam.  :)

MD 04/28/15 16:45

2 naked Christmas trees.  :))

MD 01/20/15 00:20

NQ... I agree... 2 very nice trees. I think there were too many white lights this Christmas. Lets hope for  more coloured lights next time.

N Q 01/19/15 23:45

MD I do feel remiss about this one because it actually has a couple pretty Christmas trees, compared to some of the ones I found that only had blobs of bright white lights on them !

MD 01/19/15 22:23

NQ... fancy missing this one. How very remiss.  :))


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