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Lasipalatsi Film & Media Centre on Lasipalatsinaukio (Webcam Offline)
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4.31 from 13 votes
Lasipalatsi Film & Media Centre on Lasipalatsinaukio (Webcam Offline)

37473 hours ago

Lasipalatsi Film & Media Centre on Lasipalatsinaukio (Webcam Offline)

37479 hours ago

Lasipalatsi Film & Media Centre on Lasipalatsinaukio (Webcam Offline)

37485 hours ago

Lasipalatsi Film & Media Centre on Lasipalatsinaukio (Webcam Offline)

37491 hours ago

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Comments (18)

MD 11/03/15 14:53

NQ .... I agree with your comment on 20th of January .... it looks blah!

MD 12/21/14 16:32

You'd think it was a bit cool for outdoor cinema.

Mira Bilis 12/21/14 16:24

A projection on the wall.

MD 12/06/14 17:20
Mira Bilis 11/21/14 17:16

MD, they had snow ... you're right about it looking better. :)

MD 11/18/14 20:38

Very true! I prefer this view when the snow is everywhere.

Mira Bilis 11/18/14 17:13

If they wrapped that tower in red and green fairy lights with a gold star at the top, they wouldn't need a Christmas tree here. ;)

MD 10/07/14 09:59

I almost didn't recognize this place without snow.

Mira Bilis 07/02/14 19:51

It's looking a bit more summery now.

Homely 01/27/14 18:38

I'm feeling much better about things being right with the world now that this place is staying consistently snowy. Now, if they'd just get some in Tartu...

N Q 01/20/14 19:44

This place looks futuristic with the dusting of snow and blah looking without it !

MD 01/12/14 16:06

Hi Homely, I see it! Nothing like as deep as it was last winter. Seems their allocation of snow fell on the US. So many of these cams in Finland, Sweden and Norway are missing their snow. Drammen ski slopes have had RAIN. The weather's gone mad.

Homely 01/11/14 23:10

FINALLY a dusting of snow here! MD, I hope you get to see it before it is all gone.

MD 01/08/14 14:06

It's one of those places that looks better with a covering of snow. Lovely blue sky at the moment.

Homely 01/08/14 02:40

This is another cam that usually has a lot of snow, but has had none this year. I've seen it raining an awful lot, but no snow for them this winter.

MD 07/14/13 13:07

Last time I looked at this cam there was deep snow.

Stephen Church 04/03/12 02:45

I love this webcam, I wish there was more.

kyle 02/19/11 13:13

its fixed, just a glitch


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