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Yuki Jinja Shrine
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Yuki Jinja Shrine

1930 hours ago

Yuki Jinja Shrine

1933 hours ago

Yuki Jinja Shrine

1936 hours ago

Yuki Jinja Shrine

1939 hours ago

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Comments (5)

Janet Jackson 05/22/19 06:31

Interesting :)†

Moose 09/03/17 21:47

MD... †Now it gets complicated. †There are three of these. †This one has 172 comments.

Tihs one has 3 comments†

And this one has only one sad little comment. †

Now I gotta go to the other ones and post all this over and over or I will get chastised again.

MD 03/11/17 13:43

I think I'll come back in daylight.

Ekaterina 05/24/12 00:35

Is it dusty there or I need to clean my glasses?
Someone please, please clean the lens... :)

Homely 10/31/11 02:32

So glad this cam is back online! I have been checking back religiously (pun intended)!


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