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Vabaduse väljak
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Vabaduse väljak

4 hours ago

Vabaduse väljak

7 hours ago

Vabaduse väljak

10 hours ago

Vabaduse väljak

13 hours ago

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Comments (31)

Rain Shadow 02/24/17 18:15

I wonder what is going on here.

MD 12/01/14 12:52

Dona... gotcha!!! I think this view is lovely... that sunlight adds a little something.  :)

dona brantley 12/01/14 12:44

hi md   im up early i feel the that i have felt in a long time so i decided to see the trees        DONA

MD 12/01/14 12:38

Hi Dona... are you awake early or am I getting it wrong again?

dona brantley 12/01/14 12:24

good morning  everyone      smiles

dona brantley 12/01/14 02:10

hi ladies and sirs     md i read the tybee page i hope everyone had a great  thanksgiving    mira that video  shows what ive I have known all along  ESTONIA    has my SOUL  both times i watched that vedio my whole body had the chills   i know this sounds crazy but its true     DONA  Dona dona

Mira Bilis 11/26/14 23:28

Dona, here's a nice video of Tallinn for you ... the Christmas part starts 3:35 minutes into the video ...


MD 11/26/14 22:32

Dona... I watched a rubbish tv prog today.... I watch because it's a coach load of people going to different places. Today they were on the outskirts of Tallinn. There really are some beautiful places in Estonia.

MD 10/20/14 13:01

Hi Dona and Trix... our weather forecast last night said that a storm was "hurtling" across the Atlantic towards the UK and we shall get a drenching and blasting this evening. At the moment we have sunshine.

trix abound 10/20/14 12:51

good morning dona...woke this morning to the furnace running...didn't know i had any oil :)

dona brantley 10/20/14 12:04

HELLO Ladies and gents also  its pretty wet in estonia today  it looks like it could rain here also   smile   smile  SMILE

MD 10/11/14 11:21

Hi Dona.... this would make 2 good jigsaws...... day and night view.

Hi Trix

trix abound 10/11/14 01:00

hi dona...this is so pretty!!!

MD 10/04/14 13:54

There are 5 cams with this view.

trix abound 09/30/14 04:34

thank-you dona...i know you like this place... :D

dona brantley 09/30/14 02:27

hi trix thank you     smiles smiles

trix abound 09/29/14 23:30


Mira Bilis 07/16/14 01:48

Yay Dona!  :D

dona brantley 07/16/14 01:24

at last i have a cam in estonia that does not zoom        smile   dona

dona brantley 07/14/14 23:15

the beauty of this cam is it looks good day or night            smile  dona


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