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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling
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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

3 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

6 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

9 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

12 hours ago

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Comments (39)

Arizona Sue 05/12/22 19:44

Day shift.  

Arizona Sue 12/22/21 18:31

First time I've seen the plastic safety screens being used.  

Ed Hilver 04/08/21 22:02

Yes. I think it is the same building in the video.

MD 03/14/21 21:49

Hi Ed .....  interesting.  They sell  Buffalo Trace Bourbon at Tesco.

Ed Hilver 03/14/21 20:26
48692 12/20/18 17:39
tag 09/14/18 02:57

Seems strange no one is working here tonight. They usually work pretty late. Are they being affected by Florence?†

MD 07/03/18 11:16

Hi tag ....... the whole place looked creepy ........†

Yesterday, on another cam,† I said I didn't know anything about raccoons.† Now ......... I know that in the dark they look like black blobs with shiny eyes.† I learn something new every day.† LOL!!!

tag 07/03/18 10:58 was kind of creepy as it was coming towards the camera and looked up....all you saw was a black blob and shiny eyes. †Lol

MD 07/02/18 00:19

Hi tag ........ it looks quite spooky with those cords blowing about.†† I've never seen it like this before.† I'm now on raccoon watch!

tag 07/01/18 23:49

Lol, just saw some critter running around in there. Raccoon maybe?

Silver Squirrel 04/09/18 21:18

Monotonous work. †

zedyer1 08/11/17 02:48 you can get all the camera links

zedyer1 08/08/17 16:11

He's ran away :D

MD 08/06/17 22:27

He's probably still taking the medication.† :D

zedyer1 08/06/17 21:10

Hahahahaha too true I drove him mad wonder if he still is

MD 08/04/17 16:42

Too true he was mad ..... you drove him crazy.† LOL!

zedyer1 08/04/17 16:19

OMG it was hahaha good times although not for flemming†I handed over the business because he was mad :)

MD 08/04/17 15:42

Hi Zedyer ...... wasn't this place yours a while ago?† LOL!!!

zedyer1 08/04/17 15:25

Here's a video of the place† cool to see it in a different angle and also you can see the camera at the start†


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