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4th St NE & 5th Ave NE
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4th St NE & 5th Ave NE

5 hours ago

4th St NE & 5th Ave NE

8 hours ago

4th St NE & 5th Ave NE

11 hours ago

4th St NE & 5th Ave NE

14 hours ago

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Comments (83)

MD 12/06/21 14:35

Hi Roger Barker ....  I hope you are well.  It's 2 years today since Trix died, so she never heard of Covid. Seems to have been a long 2 years.

You take care.


MD 06/11/20 23:27

It seems to me that most of the best cams have gone.  I have them all in My Cams so I can still have a dollop of nostalgia from time to time.  Some of the comments are priceless.  :D

I would miss Opentopia if it disappeared altogether.

Gordy Weigle 06/11/20 22:57

Hi MD,

I've only been checking Opentopis cams for a couple years, and have seen lots of nice cams disappear.

What I find puzzling is poor quality cams - blurred, boring, etc. Why onyone pays to keep them running seems strange.

A good example is the cam in White Mountains, Alaska. Their only "Claim to fame" is that it's the mandatory 24-hour layover checkpoint for mushers running the Iditarod race. Yet, they always show the same old boring view. On rare occassion the cam will pan down to view the mushers and their dog teams - much, much more interesting than the "standard" view.



MD 06/09/20 22:52

Gordy .....  you would have enjoyed Opentopia when there were over 4,000 cams.   Around the world in an armchair.

Gordy Weigle 06/09/20 21:15

This is an interesting view, always lots of activity……

I came across this site out of curiosity. Back in the early 1960’s I was stationed at Grand Forks Air Force Base, and one of the technicians had a girlfriend in Devil’s Lake - so I thought “Why not check it out?”

MD 03/10/19 07:42

Still snowing.

MD 01/31/19 09:36

I swear I'd never set foot outside in those temperatures ...... no matter how sunny it was. LOL!!

stargzr 01/31/19 09:11


MD 01/31/19 09:02

But it's a lovely sunny day. :D

MD 01/31/19 08:06

It's a lovely sunny day.

stargzr 01/30/19 19:15

-30 F at 8:30 pm. Nothing like a little booze to warm your innards. LOL

stargzr 01/30/19 18:06

We're down to 29 below 0 in Cavalier tonight......Sammy's busy as ever!

MD 01/29/19 19:48

-6?? OMG!!!

stargzr 01/29/19 18:43

-6F doesn't slow down the North Dakotans. :D

MD 01/29/19 18:36

Quite a few cars there tonight.

stargzr 01/29/19 17:54

Yo ! Everyone belly-up to the bar at Sammy's. :D

MD 01/28/19 17:54

Oh heck ...... I think it's time I went to bed ...... mind you .... it has gone 1am. :D


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