4th St NE & 5th Ave NE

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4th St NE & 5th Ave NE
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4th St NE & 5th Ave NE

4 hours ago

4th St NE & 5th Ave NE

7 hours ago

4th St NE & 5th Ave NE

10 hours ago

4th St NE & 5th Ave NE

13 hours ago

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Comments (76)

MD 01/31/19 09:36

I swear I'd never set foot outside in those temperatures  ...... no matter how sunny it was.  LOL!!

stargzr 01/31/19 09:11


MD 01/31/19 09:02

But it's a lovely sunny day.    :D

MD 01/31/19 08:06

It's a lovely sunny day.

stargzr 01/30/19 19:15

-30 F at 8:30 pm.  Nothing like a little booze to warm your innards.  LOL

stargzr 01/30/19 18:06

We're down to 29 below 0 in Cavalier tonight......Sammy's busy as ever!


MD 01/29/19 19:48

-6??   OMG!!!

stargzr 01/29/19 18:43

-6F doesn't slow down the North Dakotans.   :D

MD 01/29/19 18:36

Quite a few cars there tonight.

stargzr 01/29/19 17:54

Yo !  Everyone belly-up to the bar at Sammy's.  :D


MD 01/28/19 17:54

Oh heck ...... I think it's time I went to bed ...... mind you .... it has gone 1am.  :D

MD 01/28/19 17:53
I;ve copied and pasted this from Google:  What it actually means

The original saying is as follows “Great minds think alike, though fools seldom differ.”

I copied and pasted that from Google.   LOL

stargzr 01/28/19 17:18

Great minds, etc.,    :)

MD 01/28/19 17:15

Oh heck ...... you put that link while I was typing my comment.   :D

MD 01/28/19 17:14

Yes ...... husbands  ...... reminds me ........  I love watching Wives with Knives.  LOL!!!

Bringing that link forward ....... it looks so ccccold.


stargzr 01/28/19 17:08

A final peek at Main St., Cavalier, for the evening.  Buried in snow and no one parked in front of Sammy's (on the right), but I know, come later on...it'll be packed !

Here's to you, North Dakotans !!!!

stargzr 01/28/19 16:43

Ah, husbands......you can't live with 'em, and you can't legally kill 'em.


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