Camping Rosental Roz

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Camping Rosental Roz
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Camping Rosental Roz

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Camping Rosental Roz

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Camping Rosental Roz

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Camping Rosental Roz

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Comments (7)

trix abound 08/14/14 12:44


MD 08/14/14 12:35

Hi Trix, they don't do it like that on the continent. Most places won't allow fires at all and you provide your own tables. Very spartan.  :)


trix abound 08/14/14 11:54

where are the picnic tables and fire pits...each camp lot should have one...

MD 09/04/13 17:06

Hi Homely. It IS the freedom that makes it such fun. And camping gear these days is brilliant. My son and family have just invested in a tent that practically puts itself up. Several lined rooms and a porch, built in ground sheet etc. Many times, when my kids were young, we got rained out and had to put everything in a tumbler dryer. Then we re-assembled and did it all over again.

Homely 09/04/13 16:44

Park is much less full now that kids are all back in school. MD, we had great family camping trips when I was a child. My father's entire family would get together and we'd take up most of the camp ground. Many great memories of mountain air and unbridled freedome. We camped with our kids, too, until their activities took over our entire lives. Would love to get back to it!

MD 07/31/13 13:02

Hi Homely.  I used to love this sort of holiday when I was younger. Lovely to let the children wake up, get up and get out!

Homely 07/31/13 10:41

Busy campground - lots of folks on holiday!


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