Rathausplatz Sankt Polten

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Rathausplatz Sankt Polten
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Rathausplatz Sankt Polten

4 hours ago

Rathausplatz Sankt Polten

7 hours ago

Rathausplatz Sankt Polten

10 hours ago

Rathausplatz Sankt Polten

13 hours ago

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Comments (65)

Moose 08/23/17 13:27

This is another cam that gives me a 3-D effect.  I know the road is flat, but it looks like it is not.

Rain Shadow 05/22/17 18:24

They seem to be leaving their maypole up all through May.  Makes sense.

Rain Shadow 04/30/17 22:50

Thank-you for trying, M D.  Apparently, there is also a Chilifest tomorrow, but I am not sure if that includes the square.

MD 04/30/17 22:27

And forget that link.   I give up.  :D

MD 04/30/17 22:25

Forget the link. It was supposed to be a translation of this:


MD 04/30/17 22:20

I Googled and found 27th to 30th April was Gospelworkshop. Next is Solisten ensemble and on 2nd of May it's jumper (re) loaded ...... whatever that all means.   :D


Rain Shadow 04/30/17 21:52

I wonder what was going on in the square.

MD 11/27/16 12:54

I'd like to visit during the day and see the market.

isaiah A. 11/27/16 02:11

I agree with both of you! this is great! :) I'd love to walk there, under the christmas lights, at night time.

MD 11/26/16 22:26

Yes .... it's beautiful.

Rain Shadow 11/26/16 21:19

This looks magical now.

MD 11/10/16 22:34

Hi Rain Shadow ...... I was going to say it's a bit early but they put the tree up on the same date last year.

Rain Shadow 11/10/16 21:00

A tree here too.  I guess it is the start of tree-spotting season again.

Mira Bilis 03/04/16 16:06

Still a few customers.

MD 03/03/16 22:01

Mira ....... that's a loaf and a half!!!   LOL

I love bread with olive oil.

Mira Bilis 03/03/16 21:14

Wait ... is that bread he's holding up???  OMG ... look at the size of it!!  Italian food on steroids, LOL!

Mira Bilis 03/03/16 21:11

Mouthwatering!  We're having Chinese takeaway tonight ... makes me want to possibly rethink that choice, lol.

MD 03/03/16 21:01

OMG those olives!!!!!!   :D

Mira Bilis 03/03/16 20:34

Italian market here at the moment ... http://www.events-stp.at/47577/italienischer-spezialitten-markt  Nice.

MD 11/14/15 15:02

Hi NQ .... I'm pretty sure the tree is a new addition. I love the christmas markets.


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