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Bibi's Webcam

4 hours ago

Bibi's Webcam

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Bibi's Webcam

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Bibi's Webcam

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Comments (11)

vedant shubham 05/27/19 05:57

If you do not have any micro soft id for the sysnc then  you can not do any things because here so more things availbale for us.

MD 06/27/18 16:03

"Are You Being Served" is shown every day on a channel called Drama .....  which has no connection at all to BBC.  The BBC is not very popular with a lot of people at the moment.   With political situations they tend to show the arguments only from the people they are siding with.  Certainly not unbiased news coverage

Moose 06/27/18 15:31

I believe we have found there is no way around that.  

MD 06/27/18 15:17

You won't believe this ..........

This video contains content from BBC Worldwide, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

That's all I saw when I clicked on the link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moose 06/27/18 15:08

And the way he would strut around was priceless.  Here is a couple of purple hair moments for you.

MD 06/27/18 14:40

I'm free   ........ but you have to imagine it in John Inman's voice for best effect.  :D

Moose 06/27/18 13:50

Hi MD... Are you free?

Moose 06/27/18 13:11

I wonder who Bibi is.  I like the view, too.

44247 06/07/16 05:36

Nice view

MD 12/24/15 15:40

What a lovely view.


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