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Comments (91)

Ulysses Clifford 02/22/22 05:25
MD 02/04/15 01:23

It's beautiful. The reflected light makes it almost bright as day.

trix abound 02/04/15 01:18

MD...yes...much better that grey muddy piles of snow!!

MD 02/04/15 01:11

Trix... like you said on another cam the other day.... how clean the snow looks..... even the snow "mountains" are pristine.

trix abound 02/04/15 01:10

MD...and it sure beats wearing butt cream on your face  :D

trix abound 02/04/15 01:05

as you should!!!!

MD 02/04/15 00:51

Nah..... I wear my wrinkles with pride.  :)))

trix abound 02/04/15 00:35

so just wear sunglasses all the time!!!

MD 02/04/15 00:34

LOL!!!!  I have to admit the Avon cream removed the wrinkles.... at the expense of puffy eyes.

trix abound 02/04/15 00:26

MD...thats funny...LOL....they say hemorrhoid cream works for wrinkles!!!!

MD 02/04/15 00:19

Trix.... years ago I bought some Avon cream... supposed to get rid of wrinkles near your eyes... laughter lines. It got rid of my wrinkles alright. My eyes went so puffy I could hardly open them! I used the cream just once.  LOL!

trix abound 02/03/15 23:49

happy wrinkles !!!!

MD 02/03/15 23:23

Trix..... just think of those wrinkles!!!  :D

trix abound 02/03/15 23:10

brings a smile to my face just thinking about it!!!!

MD 02/03/15 23:04

You'll appreciate it all the more for having to wait. I used to think how good it would be and it's even better!  :))

trix abound 02/03/15 22:49

i know MD....i know....good thing i have patience...LOL

MD 02/03/15 22:42

Trix.... your time will come. :D

trix abound 02/03/15 22:32

don't rub it in girl....LOL

MD 02/03/15 22:20

Trix.... it just seemed too nice to stay in. And that's another perk to living on your own.... you can just put your coat on and go wherever you want, whenever you want. And take as long as you want. Bliss.  :))

trix abound 02/03/15 22:14

MD...another trip to town? ...what a busy week!!!


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