Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

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Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall
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Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

5 hours ago

Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

8 hours ago

Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

11 hours ago

Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

14 hours ago

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Comments (55)

MD 11/08/18 11:47
Rain Shadow 03/13/17 19:15

I am guessing many Finns will be skiing outdoors at this time of year, rather than indoors.

sinister smile 03/13/17 19:06

Hardly see anyone here, this is snow good...i'm sorry for the bad pun i'll nake sure i take myself outside for a good kicking :)

indigo 11/12/16 11:07

Must be family day today...

MD 11/01/16 12:31

And now it's like the Marie Celeste ...... they've all gone for lunch.  :D

indigo 11/01/16 09:03

Lots of skiers today..

MD 10/15/16 12:30

Hi Indigo ..... looking back at the comments .... I see we had a discussion once before about the wall mounted clock. Once upon a time it was 2 hours different from my time zone but now it's something like 2hrs and 7mins different. As for the time on the top right corner ....... goodness knows!   :D

indigo 10/15/16 10:36

Come on MD, use your detective skills to find us an answer...

indigo 10/15/16 10:34

The clock here on the wall does not jive with the time on the cam in the top rt. corner of the frame.

indigo 10/15/16 10:28

I did find about an hour difference between this came and the cam to the entrance of the curling area.

and a little difference between the other 2 cams.

MD 10/09/16 11:59

Hi Indigo ..... thanks for directing me to this cam.  Strange how they stick to the grooves on either side. I'd be so tempted to go down the middle!  :D

indigo 09/24/16 10:31

People sking today...

indigo 09/23/16 09:53

Snow on this side but not on other side.

zedyer 11/28/15 17:34

Thats mental

Mira Bilis 11/24/14 16:08

I'd forgotten OT has two views of this place ...

MD 11/24/14 14:11

Quite a complex building!   LOL

trix abound 11/24/14 14:01 is quite a complex.....

MD 11/24/14 13:53

Hi Trix..... that's quite a building!!!

trix abound 11/24/14 13:51


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