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Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall
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Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

10998 hours ago

Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

11001 hours ago

Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

11004 hours ago

Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

11007 hours ago

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Comments (24)

MD 12/01/16 12:23

I wish I could! LOL

indigo 12/01/16 10:42

They are riding bikes now...

indigo 11/11/16 08:02

Teen age kids.

indigo 11/11/16 07:59

No, not ice skates, in-line roller skates.

indigo 11/11/16 07:57

People with ice skates on walking through, its 9am their time.

MD 10/31/16 11:49

Hi Indigo ..... I think I look at the wrong time. They are probably having lunch now. :)

indigo 10/31/16 09:33

A lady walking towards the camera...

MD 10/17/16 11:25

Hi Indigo ....... at least we now know someone actually comes in this way. I've still never seen anyone.

indigo 10/17/16 11:04

Hey MD I just saw a guy riding a bike towards the camera...

MD 10/16/16 13:17

Indigo .... I found a bit more. I don't know if you are in to the technicalities of heat exchangers but I found this:

This link shows joggers and maybe they are going to have a silly hat competition on the middle aisle!

And this is what the place looks like:

indigo 10/16/16 11:22

Nice video MD, gives us a better scence of whats going on and what the whole place looks like...Thanks !!

MD 10/15/16 12:40

Hi Indigo ...... I've never seen anyone on here but I notice a comment from Homely on 17th March 2014 and she could see joggers. It's a multi-sports facility so maybe this part is for running/walking. I've found this bit of video. It's not in English but it shows a bit of what goes on:

indigo 10/15/16 10:18

I watch them skiing down other cam and quickly come to this cam but never see anyone walking up...???

indigo 10/15/16 10:15

But MD, I hve never seen anyone walking here...? Are we still missing other cams ?

MD 09/25/16 13:01

Hi Indigo .... I looked at both cams yesterday and saw people skiing on the other cam. There are directional arrows painted on the floor (on this cam) .... coming towards the cam. I think people have to walk up this ramp to ski down the other one.

indigo 09/25/16 11:12

Check camera on other side, people skiing...

indigo 09/23/16 09:54

No snow on this side but snow on other side.

Grumpy McBlunt 03/02/15 12:00

Odd looking birds..never knew thay had mustaches and wore orange hats.

indigo 01/04/15 10:44



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