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Tampere University of Technology - The 'Modem' Club

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Tampere University of Technology - The 'Modem' Club
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Tampere University of Technology - The 'Modem' Club

233 hours ago

Tampere University of Technology - The 'Modem' Club

236 hours ago

Tampere University of Technology - The 'Modem' Club

239 hours ago

Tampere University of Technology - The 'Modem' Club

242 hours ago

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Comments (19)

Rain Shadow 09/25/17 23:25

Yes, it looks like they are doing CGI, so it probably is a pleasure for them.

MD 09/25/17 22:50

Looks more like pleasure than work.   :D

Rain Shadow 09/25/17 22:31

These guys are working late.

Rain Shadow 02/24/17 18:19

I see this camera is back after a long absence.

MD 05/26/16 11:40

And now it's back.

Kendaren 10/26/15 07:39

Too bad this has been offline for quite a while

Mira Bilis 08/19/15 14:11

Well spotted Ken ... you obviously looked in at just the right moment.  ;)

Kendaren 08/19/15 12:57

There is woman for you, at the couch :D

Mira Bilis 08/18/15 17:58

I've yet to see a female in this room ... it seems to be a man cave for computer geeks.  ;)

MD 08/18/15 17:50

Or mini moobs????   LOL

Kendaren 08/18/15 17:42

I guess it was guy too, but I thought I saw tits in that picture :D

MD 08/18/15 16:12

Anybody's guess..... very androgynous ...... but I think it's male.

Kendaren 08/18/15 15:57

First time seeing someone here, but is that guy or chick?

Grumpy McBlunt 03/02/15 12:03

I think the dude watching porn on his laptop maybe shoulda remembered the

MD 11/04/13 13:37

Yaaaaaay for meditation!  So what time is it for you? It's 1.37pm for me.

dona brantley 11/04/13 13:29

i haven been to sleep the meditation must be working i feel better smile dona

MD 11/04/13 13:22

Hi Dona. You WOULD laugh!!!!! I know who was removed. It was Zedyer. He had seen this cam on another website. I wonder why it was removed. Maybe Opentopia doesn't want to be advertising another similar service so I won't say what it was but I do know there are other references to it.

So you can stop laughing now!  :))  Are you awake early? Nice to chat at the same time!

dona brantley 11/04/13 13:02

md hi   lol  whom ever that you were talking to  has been removed   lol    i find this funny     smile  dona

MD 07/08/13 20:15

Amazing. You saw this in 2010 and WE only just get it. Well done.


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