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View of the wreck site of the VOC ship 'Amsterdam'
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View of the wreck site of the VOC ship 'Amsterdam'

8 hours ago

View of the wreck site of the VOC ship 'Amsterdam'

11 hours ago

View of the wreck site of the VOC ship 'Amsterdam'

17 hours ago

View of the wreck site of the VOC ship 'Amsterdam'

20 hours ago

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Comments (32)

Ed Hilver 10/24/20 17:06

I just saw a train 

Zsombor Udvari 10/12/19 11:37

Camera page is still accesible, but it immediately requires username and password if any of the camera controls is clicked. :/

MD 10/08/18 11:06

A windy day.

Mira Bilis 09/21/15 17:47

Good day for a bracing stroll along the beach.

Mira Bilis 05/05/15 21:35

They appear to have removed the password protection on the controllable cam page again ...

MD 03/11/15 13:38

Such a distinctive view....... not.

Mira Bilis 01/01/15 16:23

... and I can add that if you go to the camera page, there is a list of cam views to choose from which includes St Leonards beach and Hastings pier amongst other things. Unfortunately the cam controls are now password protected.

N Q 01/01/15 14:35

MD I can clear it up a little bit :)

The Amsterdam went down in Bulverhyte Bay, which is about a mile from St Leonards and the museum that holds many of the artifacts of the Amsterdam is located in Hastings.

From what I read, St Leonards and Hastings are 2 town that are within a mile of each other and they are both located on the Bulverhyte Bay. Most articles though have the Amsterdam going down in Hastings instead of St Leonards but I also found an article that stated it went down in St Leonards--as long as they're so close to each other I'm not sure it matters other then to the people of these 2 towns :)

MD 12/31/14 13:55

N Q.... the link says "beached at Bulverhyte" but under the picture (in the link)it says "buried in the sand at Hastings." Now it's as clear as mud! LOL

MD 12/31/14 13:42

Hi NQ... I took out the "s." I put a link on 26th of September but I'm not sure if that helps.

N Q 12/31/14 12:51

Ravo from everthing I've found on the wreckage of the Amsterdam, it's located on Bulverhythe beach in East Sussex,UK

You'll find the info and the cam on this page-

so I red arrowed the country.

Ravo Rijder 12/31/14 10:32

City= Amsredam

State/Region= North Holland

Mira Bilis 12/20/14 16:52

Looks like I just missed a lovely sunset.

Mira Bilis 11/05/14 19:06

Fireworks in the distance.

MD 10/04/14 12:57

Hi Carol..... with a following wind.. you'd be as fast as Concorde! :D

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/04/14 11:50

MD, I could definitely take a broom to here today. Look at the wind!!

MD 09/26/14 15:35

Hi Mira Bilis.... and WOW! I shall have to go and read up on the Amsterdam.


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