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German Swiss International School
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German Swiss International School

6480 hours ago

German Swiss International School

6483 hours ago

German Swiss International School

6486 hours ago

German Swiss International School

6489 hours ago

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Comments (19)

MD 01/25/20 21:56

It's 45 here but feeling colder.

Pinky finger will do nicely.

I tuned in today just in time to hear one of Trump's lying defence say that Ukraine didn't know the funds had been withheld at the time of the phone call.  Everybody knows that they did.  I decided it would inflame me too much to listen to a bunch of liars so I switched it off.  Obviously everything they say is for Fox News viewers.  GRrrrrrrrrrrrr

stargzr 01/25/20 21:09

Some sun with a high of 59F here, but rain starting around 3pm.  That's just perfect, gives me an excuse for not going to the park for some excercise.  :-)

Found ring and discovered it no longer fits ring finger...moved it to pinky.  I had a lovely ceramic Buddha on my patio years ago and it was stolen.  I'm thinking Karma should apply.  :D

Are you going thru iimpeachment withdrawal????

MD 01/25/20 20:20

"Last of the Summer Wine" has a northern accent. I loved the series.  Simple fun, no swearing and no violence.

I read today that Canada has the most similarity to UK English language, rather than the US.  I did languages at school  .... although I did get thrown out of German classes.  :D

I'm not surprised about Maine.  It's only across the water from us.  LOL

No BJ's tonight.  It's raining.

Did you put your snake ring on?  BJ bought me a rat figurine years ago.  It's sitting near my tv  ..... not far from my Buddha.  Rather an eclectic mixture. 

stargzr 01/25/20 19:58

Fascinating......linguistics is a hobby of mine and I especially love hearing new dialects.  Lots of Maine expressions came from the UK (collywobbles, per se) and the Maine dialect itself is different from the other states, even from the rest of New England.  I learned a lot of expessions from "Last of the Summer Wine.:   :)))

MD 01/25/20 19:35

This is another good site:

I'm from the Black Country where we have our own dialect.  Wolverhampton people are known as Yam Yams because instead of saying "you are," they say "y'am."   Picture the scene  .... you bump into a friend and say "Y'am gooin up town, ay ya?" Translated that means "You're going to the town, aren't you?"

This was my local hospital until I moved to France:

stargzr 01/25/20 19:32

I was just thinking, I have some lovely jewelry my Chinese friend gave me years ago......a pendant with my name in Chinese and a silver ring in the shape of a snake.  I must go find them and put them on to celebrate.

Is this a BJ evening for you?

stargzr 01/25/20 19:09
MD 01/25/20 19:04

BJ is Pisces.  Hubby is same as me and 2 Aries under the same roof can get heated.  I don't bother reading horoscopes.  Load of old tosh.  (Research?)   LOL

stargzr 01/25/20 18:28

Not really....though I WAS in management.  LOL

I'm a Pisces but don't really subscribe to astrology.  It's fun to play with though.  My mother and I are/were same sign and couldn't be more different. : >

MD 01/25/20 18:15

It's not fair.  You have 3 lucky numbers, my hubby has 3 ...... and I only have 2. I see you are a metal snake. Does the profile fit you?

When I'm not a rat I'm Aries and the profile fits me exactly. 

stargzr 01/25/20 18:03
MD 01/25/20 18:00

I started celebrating just after midnight.  I'm a rat!!!!  The year ends on the 11th of February 2021.

stargzr 01/25/20 17:48

Gong Xi Fa Chai......happy year of the rat to all !

Debbie Mac 06/30/17 01:07

They have the most beautiful airport I have ever seen.  Beautiful city.

MD 06/08/17 12:12

Beautiful view.

Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/28/16 21:34

hey... GREAT shot of the clear blue sky! lol  I'm impressed...

Bluebottle 06/27/15 11:52    Reflections of Hong Kong

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/23/14 22:23

It seem like this view is nice no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Mira Bilis 07/29/14 22:31

Great view.  :)


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