Kolnoa Sustavi Zaštite on Kovinska ul

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Kolnoa Sustavi Zaštite on Kovinska ul
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Kolnoa Sustavi Zaštite on Kovinska ul

6 hours ago

Kolnoa Sustavi Zaštite on Kovinska ul

9 hours ago

Kolnoa Sustavi Zaštite on Kovinska ul

12 hours ago

Kolnoa Sustavi Zaštite on Kovinska ul

15 hours ago

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Comments (9)

MD 11/17/17 20:40

Update ...... they are security system suppliers. 

MD 11/17/17 20:36

Ps ....  I tried to find out more but this was all I could see:


MD 11/17/17 20:32

Zed's bedroom cam never came to pass but we did once see his living room. Someone tried to break into his home and cctv caught the action. Zed only lives less than a hundred miles from me ..... we are almost neighbours.  :D

Moose 11/17/17 20:21

Well, there it is.  Whatever it is.  Did Zedyer's bedroom cam ever come to pass?  I hope not but just have to ask.

MD 11/17/17 20:16

Hi Moose ........ 4 years ...... and I'm sure I've not seen it in the meantime.

Moose 11/17/17 19:40

Hi MD...Here is a blast from the past for you!  It just popped up on Random Cams.

MD 08/14/13 12:59

Hi Dona. I think it IS a carpark because the cars come and go randomly.

Hi Zedyer. I can hardly wait!   :))

zedyer venyar 08/14/13 10:28

Cool cam. I might set up a camera in my bedroom/office. It would have to be a AXIS one and if i had it on here i would have to put it to internet mode then it would be on google view.view.shtml so then soon it would land on OT.

dona brantley 08/14/13 07:32

this looks more like a car dealership  to me         hello  md  and everyone           smile dona


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