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Miskolc Southern Sky View

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Miskolc Southern Sky View
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Miskolc Southern Sky View

427 hours ago

Miskolc Southern Sky View

430 hours ago

Miskolc Southern Sky View

433 hours ago

Miskolc Southern Sky View

436 hours ago

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Comments (29)

La Maquinista 01/06/16 16:36

Snow here :) Finally ...

MD 11/07/15 22:45

Anyone would think it had been bonfire night.

Mira Bilis 11/07/15 21:23

Foggy ambience.

MD 11/01/15 15:47

I love this view.

MD 08/02/15 00:25

This is a beautiful view ..... even without the moon.

Mira Bilis 08/01/15 23:16

There it is again.  :)

MD 08/01/15 00:36

Yes .........

La Maquinista 08/01/15 00:02

Tonight; the Moon so beautiful, ohh yeah

MD 02/10/15 16:25

What a lovely clear cam.

La Maquinista 11/28/14 01:30

Thank you, Carol. The camera, at this time is an AXiS P1354.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/23/14 22:41

Beautiful view even without the Supermoon, lol.

Mira Bilis 08/10/14 22:31

Moontastic!  8)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/10/14 22:25


MD 08/10/14 22:12

Carol, it's a shame the cam distorts it but this looks more like it. Beautiful.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/10/14 21:52

Mira, look at this view of the supermoon.

Homely 11/03/13 23:36

This is wonderful, MD, THANK YOU!!!

MD 11/03/13 22:35

I had a look at some of the other train videos but I liked this one the best. I'm so looking forward to the Christmas trees and lights on lots of these cams. :))

dona brantley 11/03/13 21:04


MD 11/03/13 13:11
MD 11/03/13 13:07

Hi Homely, I came to this cam to read your comment, decided to find out more about the place and found this wonderful link. Well, it's wonderful if you like snow, train journeys and an excellent musical accompaniment. The cam is set on the front of a train. The journey is from Miskolc to Budapest, 181k  (113 miles) in 25 minutes. I loved every minute of the journey and shall be doing it again, with a packed lunch!  :))

The Line Miskolc - Budapest (Nr. 80) - YouTube


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