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Botanic Garden and Herbarium of Ferrara
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Botanic Garden and Herbarium of Ferrara

3 hours ago

Botanic Garden and Herbarium of Ferrara

6 hours ago

Botanic Garden and Herbarium of Ferrara

12 hours ago

Botanic Garden and Herbarium of Ferrara

15 hours ago

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Comments (18)

M H 05/03/19 20:14

spot light brighter then the sun

MD 10/22/18 10:27

Lovely clear cam.

MD 05/25/18 22:00

Subcomma is Wikem Dice.

Moose 03/08/18 19:29

I see that Wikem and zedyer have been rebels for quite a while.  Probably way before this.  And who is this Subcomma person?

zedyer 07/14/14 17:49

Wait no how about this:

The green looks nice more than red.

zedyer 07/12/14 14:45

subcommar, What about taking the bong in there.

zedyer 07/12/14 14:45

subcommar, What about taking the bong in there.

Mira Bilis 07/08/14 16:43

LOL Subcomma, come to WA ...  ;D

Wikem Dice 07/06/14 17:48

Absolutely beautiful. I'd love to smoke a blunt here.

MD 06/26/14 10:08

Such a clear cam.

MD 03/18/14 23:15

In the 60's and 70's we camped near Ste Maxime. Lovely place. There is a small restaurant in a back street that the locals use. It's called Miam Miam but we always called it Yum Yum. I never thought in my camping days that I'd end up living just a few miles along the road.

I HAVE been to the Eden Project. It's a fascinating place. And it's caused property prices in the area to go sky high. I'd have expected the opposite.

Mira Bilis 03/18/14 21:49

I remember buying a box of dried lavender in Ste Maxime.  :-)

Have you ever been to Eden Project in Cornwall? I took the Googleman around it ... looks very nice.

Mira Bilis 03/18/14 15:13

Beautiful, even in winter ... it must look glorious in spring/summer.  :-)

MD 01/13/14 15:51

Yes, lovely cam. The last botanical garden I visited was at Ste Maxime in France. I saw my first and only strawberry tree. The fruits look like strawberries but sadly, the taste was nothing like!

jules 01/13/14 14:55

I love this view - and I would love to live near this so I could visit it.

zedyer venyar 12/03/13 16:06

Epic. I should own this. But then the name will spoil the camera.. if you get what I mean.

MD 10/24/13 15:43

I agree Kyle, and what high definition. Lovely clear cam.

kyle 11/16/11 15:20

Right now, this point in time, what a beautiful place this is


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