Corso Del Popolo and Piazza Granary

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Corso Del Popolo and Piazza Granary
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Corso Del Popolo and Piazza Granary

8 hours ago

Corso Del Popolo and Piazza Granary

11 hours ago

Corso Del Popolo and Piazza Granary

14 hours ago

Corso Del Popolo and Piazza Granary

17 hours ago

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Comments (22)

Rain Shadow 09/12/17 15:17

One has to wonder, what is the point of it

MD 09/12/17 13:31

LOL!!!!   I really don't mind you pointing things out.  I can hardly complain when I do it myself. Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood to do it so I bookmark and come back to it another day.  So feel free to point out.  :D

Moose 09/12/17 13:18

Indeed I could have.  It just seemed like six of them was way more trouble than it was worth.  Much easier to throw the challenge to somebody else.  That would be you.

MD 09/12/17 13:09

Hi Moose ...... I don't mind. Mind you ..... I was reminded of what my dad used to say to me. "Do as I say ..... not as I do."   In other words  ...... you could have done them!   LOL

Moose 09/12/17 13:04

MD...  Very nicely done!  Don't you hate it when somebody throws your own words back at you?

MD 09/11/17 17:18

No need.   :D

MD 09/11/17 17:15

Moose .....  explain?

Moose 09/11/17 16:53

MD... You only did 1/6 of the job!!  LOL

N Q 12/20/14 23:46

These are different looking christmas lights.

trix abound 09/29/14 14:58

LOL....i just noticed a giant toaster on the bottom left....

trix abound 09/28/14 15:12

ewww...i will ask her for sure...

MD 09/28/14 15:00

Trix.... please do ask her.... I've always wondered how they get on with the plumbing... it's not as if they can put the pipes underground. I picture stuff just going into the canals.

trix abound 09/28/14 14:55

LOL MD...i'll have to ask my BFF...she was there....

MD 09/28/14 14:50

Trix... that would be lovely. I'd love to visit Venice but I wonder if it smells......

trix abound 09/28/14 14:45

MD...yes but i wish there were cams on the canals....

MD 09/28/14 14:40

Trix... that's amazing... it's almost an island!

trix abound 09/28/14 14:29
MD 09/28/14 14:06

I don't think I'd come across it before. It's always nice to see new cams.

trix abound 09/28/14 13:41

it looks very homey...and's a fairly new cam...317 views...


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