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Sandane on Gloppefjorden

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Sandane on Gloppefjorden
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Sandane on Gloppefjorden

1617 hours ago

Sandane on Gloppefjorden

1620 hours ago

Sandane on Gloppefjorden

1623 hours ago

Sandane on Gloppefjorden

1626 hours ago

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Comments (11)

Mira Bilis 06/20/15 20:25

I agree ... very peaceful.

MD 06/20/15 20:18

This place looks lovely.

TonyD none 03/20/15 07:42

A very CLEAN street indeed.

36823 01/27/15 20:15
MD 09/26/14 14:22

Carol...  I know how you feel. When we were in south of France almost every day was sunny. On the odd day we had clouds and a promise of rain... we almost used to celebrate. We have actually stood outside in the rain after a long, hot, dry spell!!  :))

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/26/14 14:12

This is a beautiful, angry weather day. I actually miss weather like this.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/16/14 20:06

I love the shade of blue that it is casting right now. Sooo beautiful!!

Chemical 07/20/14 03:43

Absolutely beautiful! :)

Mira Bilis 07/12/14 03:31

Lovely indeed.   :)

MD 06/12/13 17:35

How pretty.

calibaby260 07/16/12 16:06

Wow, what a beautiful, peaceful view!!


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