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Dark Horse Observatory - East
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Dark Horse Observatory - East

5 hours ago

Dark Horse Observatory - East

8 hours ago

Dark Horse Observatory - East

11 hours ago

Dark Horse Observatory - East

14 hours ago

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Comments (19)

Ed Hilver 04/19/20 13:32
MD 11/28/17 12:50

Ekaterina ..... only just found your comment. Yes .....definitely a little mad!!!!    :D

Ekaterina 08/14/17 04:53

He he, not MAD, just MD, but maybe a little MAD, like the rest of us. Have a nice day!

Ekaterina 08/14/17 04:52

Oh, really MAD? I hope the owner isn't closing it down.

Ekaterina 08/14/17 04:51

That's a proper observatory! Shame we can't see the telescope properly.

MD 10/25/14 13:35

Looks like this room is being emptied.

MD 10/24/14 20:33

Carol... your comment said "an old guy in a robe." I have to own up to strolling round my place in very little during the hot weather but it doesn't mean I'm into porn. Mind you.... I don't have any cameras.  LOL!!!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/24/14 19:45

Could be.

Mira Bilis 10/24/14 19:41

Maybe this is some sort of backyard observatory ... that thing does look a bit like a telescope.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/24/14 19:33

Lol, I don't think they are going to advertise it.

Mira Bilis 10/24/14 19:30

The network cam page doesn't give any further clues ...

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/24/14 19:25

Lol, well what would u think of seeing someone half naked in a studio with cameras?

MD 10/24/14 19:22

Carol...... what a mind you have!!!!1   LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/24/14 19:18

This place is kind of weird. I once seen an old guy in a robe. My first thought was porn studio.

shyannedianne 05/22/14 21:39

ooo what's in the box I wonder

Mira Bilis 05/22/14 21:12

It looks like a recording studio.

Damien Dragovic 01/06/14 21:42


kyle 02/21/12 04:21
Tomorrow I'll check for you if possible ( if I remember), need daylight.
Remember , these ar security cams, we are interlopers, kinda like peepers. The net is open, Open Topia checks what are open to the public on the net and publishes it for us, if the owner objects OT takes it off, one could get by the owner if they are not too bright, and you might see what is not meant to be seen hahahahaha
Preesi 02/20/12 23:19

What is this place? Anyone know? Its kinda CREEPY


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