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Montana State University

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Montana State University
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Montana State University

9896 hours ago

Montana State University

9899 hours ago

Montana State University

9917 hours ago

Montana State University

9920 hours ago

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Comments (40)

Moose 09/11/17 19:53

The West would gladly take about 10% of the rain that has pounded Texas and Florida.

Moose 09/11/17 19:42

Rain Shadow... It comes and goes but a significant portion of the state is still on fire.

Rain Shadow 09/11/17 19:28

Moose, has your smoke haze problem cleared up yet?

Moose 08/27/17 21:17

Thanks Rain Shadow!  That is most excellent.  I remember that carrying the paint up the hill to the "M" was quite a chore.

Rain Shadow 08/27/17 21:00

Moose, here is another Bozeman camera with controls, you might be interested in

MD 08/26/17 17:52

Moose ....... I went to Nelly's ...... and agreed with you ...... it was a beautiful sight.

Snippy?   You?   Never!   :D

Moose 08/26/17 17:28

I didn't mean to sound snippy, but that sunset was amazing and fading fast.

Moose 08/26/17 17:25

I figured you would pick up on the cam move.  Quit busting me up and go look at Nelly's.

MD 08/26/17 17:23

So you're not a fan of dead insects? 

Moose 08/26/17 17:08

This cam just breaks my heart.  I should stop looking at it, but I can't.

Moose 08/19/17 01:14

MD... What I had was a rather pinkish-orange screen.  Now it seems like somebody had just zoomed in on the awful looking horizon across the valley.

MD 08/18/17 23:08

Hi Moose ....... I've got live feed. First of all there was just the map and I clicked on something to the top right of it and the picture appeared.

And I can be kind ..... I take the "s" instead of the "p."   :D

Moose 08/18/17 22:11

That stinkin' "s"!!!

Thanks, MD.

I wonder what happened to the cam?

Moose 08/18/17 19:41

The smoke just keeps getting worse.

Rain Shadow 08/17/17 20:12

That is unfortunate, Moose.  I would recommend this link to the camera controls, but it turns out to be a Java camera

Moose 08/12/17 02:05

Hopefully it will rain this weekend.  Clean the air and maybe help with the fires.

Moose 08/05/17 21:55

I can almost taste the smoke in the air!

Rain Shadow 02/26/17 20:18

Some nice views on the camera control page


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