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Cornell University - Greenhouse
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Cornell University - Greenhouse

5 hours ago

Cornell University - Greenhouse

8 hours ago

Cornell University - Greenhouse

11 hours ago

Cornell University - Greenhouse

14 hours ago

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Comments (32)

MD 01/19/20 03:35

I spoke to a lady today who goes on at least one cruise each year.  She's also been to Malta.  Says there are good and bad parts but that's typical of most places.  I'm going to find which are the good parts.

stargzr 01/19/20 03:05

yep......definitely Malta !!!!!!

MD 01/19/20 02:53

10 snowflakes and I hibernate.   :D

stargzr 01/19/20 02:31

Oh, make me smile !


MD 01/19/20 02:25

I live in the mildest area of the UK.   :D

stargzr 01/19/20 01:37

Hey, they're young, they can take it.  

I'm a white wine person also but the wine you mentioned sounds interesting.  I'll have to give it a try.

Homely 01/19/20 01:27

I've no earthly idea why BOTH of my kids thought it a good idea to go off to the great white north for school! DS doesn't really feel cold, so it never bothers him. But DD does, and this is her first experience with it. Long about the beginning of November I got a text from her begging me to send more winter clothes asap!

stargzr 01/19/20 01:22

Hi homely....

We lived in Ithaca many years while at Cornell and the winters there were, shall I say, interesting !  I recall walking a couple of miles in a blizzard in order to pick up an ice cream cake for my daughter's birthday.  She OWES me.  :)

Homely 01/19/20 01:07

Both of my kids are in the northeast for school... yesterday morning they were fighting for cold weather bragging rights in our family group chats. DD was hiking back across campus after swim team practice and it was 10F, with a -4 wind chill. DS, who is farther north, was walking to classes in weather that was 2F with a -14 wind chill. I couldn't decide which was worse!

MD 01/18/20 22:57

I love cams with sound but oh my gosh ....  that wind sure is whistling.  Looks verrrry cold.

stargzr 01/18/20 20:48
stargzr 04/20/19 12:54

Hello Ithacans, miss you! :)

MD 08/10/15 23:00

LOL at both of you!!!!!!!!

Trouble is Trix - he's like a boomerang. He keeps on coming back.

trix abound 08/10/15 22:52

OMG Mira....he would never get them to work right or i would!!!!!

Mira Bilis 08/10/15 22:42

Trix ... maybe you should advise him to install revolving doors, LOL! ;)

trix abound 08/10/15 22:29

MD....i'm singing....hubby asked me if i had anything to say, to which i said "no" so he got up and left...LOL

Mira Bilis 08/10/15 22:27
MD 08/10/15 22:18

PS .... green thumbed. :)))

MD 08/10/15 22:17

Trix ...... you clearing your throat????? :D

trix abound 08/10/15 21:25



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