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GVSU - Downtown Campus
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GVSU - Downtown Campus

5892 hours ago

GVSU - Downtown Campus

5895 hours ago

GVSU - Downtown Campus

5898 hours ago

GVSU - Downtown Campus

5901 hours ago

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Comments (31)

Moose 12/07/17 18:33

No comments about the summer heatwave but it is snowing again.

Rain Shadow 01/31/17 01:30

Another snow storm here.

trix abound 03/02/15 20:34


N Q 03/02/15 20:28

Another cam I'm changing according to what's on the GVSU website-

Mira Bilis 11/18/14 23:52

Never mind NQ ... just think ... in another six months or so you'll be commenting about the hellish heatwave!  ;D

N Q 11/18/14 23:45

I just heard on the news that there's an area in upper Wis that got 6 feet of snow this week ! they showed snow up past the top of the front door of some houses.

Mira Bilis 11/18/14 23:37

Brutal!  :0

N Q 11/18/14 23:30

This is another area getting over a foot of snow today.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/08/14 23:54

Lmao true but what is stuck on the cam is EWWW!

Mira Bilis 10/08/14 22:03

Carol ... it's Pew not Eew campus.  ;P

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/08/14 21:34

Eww... what is on the cam??

Mira Bilis 01/30/14 17:53

The snow in NS is pretty as a picture at the moment ... :-)

Mira Bilis 01/28/14 16:56

Well, no sign of any snow yet in New Orleans but they're also talking about ice storms.  I've been keeping an eye on the New Orleans Bourbon Street cam ...  :-)

Homely 01/28/14 01:53

Boy, that's a lot of snow to have fallen in one afternoon! Meanwhile, here's a sister cam to this one:

MD 01/27/14 23:19

Are they really predicting snow for New Orleans?  That's bad.

Mira Bilis 01/27/14 22:33

Oops ... the state should say 'Michigan.'  ;-)

And you know things are getting bad when they're predicting snow for New Orleans!  :-/

Mira Bilis 01/27/14 19:10

Excellent work Homely - well done!  Another one bites the dust.  ;-)  Green thumbs clicky clicky everyone!  ;-D

Yes MD, I did see that "IDOITS" comment and laughed my arse off!  :-D

Homely 01/27/14 18:46

Thanks, MD (and I REALLY should be working right now!). It was pretty nice yesterday and this morning, but now the wind is really picking up and it's getting quite cold. I may have to give up on snow cams for a while and switch to warm ones!

MD 01/27/14 18:36

Hi Homely.  Very well done. I hope it's not too bad where you are.

Homely 01/27/14 18:15

FOUND IT!! And your hunch was correct, it's not Kansas - Grand Valley State University, in Minnesota. Here's a link to their web site:, and here's a link to a picture I found...

And I must say, it looks absolutely MISERABLE there right now, with the heavy clouds and wind whipping the snow about.


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