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Transfer Station - Back Door
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Transfer Station - Back Door

5 hours ago

Transfer Station - Back Door

8 hours ago

Transfer Station - Back Door

11 hours ago

Transfer Station - Back Door

14 hours ago

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Comments (12)

MD 01/16/19 15:04

I've just marked it in my calendar too,

It really was a joke about translator. I have a strong Black Country accent which is from just a very small area. I've been in Devon for 9 years and locals are just about able to understand me. Mind you ..... the Devon accent is sometimes difficult to understand but sounds very nice. LOL!!!

stargzr 01/16/19 14:31

Okay, will mark it on my calendar. :)

As far as the joke ! I was brought up in Maine and their accent is pretty strong. In fact, when I took my kids back to visit my parents they had a difficult time understanding Grandma and Grandpa. :D

MD 01/16/19 14:25

MD 03/22/17 16:20

In 2015 ...... the first egg was laid on the 23rd of March.

MD 01/16/19 14:20

Would you need a translator ...... they're from Maine? LOL!!!!!!!!

I'll go and find the kestrel cam and see when the fun begins.

stargzr 01/16/19 13:58

Yes, you did mention it. Tell them to stop by, I'll buy them dinner. :))

On a totally unrelated subject, when do we start looking for our falcons? March, April?

MD 01/16/19 13:51

Did I tell you daughter's friends are in Oregon at the moment? They are loving it.

stargzr 01/16/19 13:43

Well, the lumber yard is gone and now we're down to 3 sites.....:(

stargzr 01/11/19 16:22

Beats me why, with all the beautiful scenery here in Oregon, we're represented on O/T by a lumber yard, a dog kennel, a trash depository and a driveway! :D

MD 08/26/17 12:23

That's why you can never trust the time on the cams. I never even looked at "local time."

Moose 08/26/17 12:17

Local time says 04:15. It't not Norway, so dark is probably expected.

MD 08/26/17 12:03

The time must be wrong. It says just gone 8am but it's very dark.

Julie Leek 08/26/17 03:36

it is way to dark to see anything, are you kidding me?


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