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Plaza Domingo Miral
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Plaza Domingo Miral

2137 hours ago

Plaza Domingo Miral

2140 hours ago

Plaza Domingo Miral

2143 hours ago

Plaza Domingo Miral

2146 hours ago

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Comments (55)

MD 10/19/19 00:42

Last time I went to BJ's was on the 18th of September and that was to take her some shopping ....  I didn't get to see her ... just dropped it off. I had a cold then she had a cold .... then it was a rainy night then I was too lazy ...... and no .... we don't even text about Brexit.  LOL

stargzr 10/19/19 00:10

Yes, it would be interesting to see how she views today's situation.  If she wrote that in 2014 it was during the Obama years, which seems a little opposite to how a lot of us were feeling.  We were filled with hope for a better country than how the Bush's had left it.  Just shows you.....we are a people of varied ideas, emotions and beliefs.  Sort of like the UK. :}

Speaking of which, are you still getting home cooked meals at BJ's and agreeing to disagree?  LOL

MD 10/18/19 23:21

Cold medication or whacky baccy!

This used to be a lovely cam.  I've just gone through the previous comments and came across this from Lunawolf, back in 2014:

"You will love Venice the energy is awesome! All my birth and army records are there...I always thought I would go back to my roots but things have gotten to bad for everyone in the USA... my dad must be turning in his grave to see what has happened to  the way of life he fought so hard for my my my ... it's going to get much harder before we can fix it and start over...greed has taken out bigger countries than this one thur out history ,it always does but nobody learned  anything  oops I'll get off the soap box lol  it's so hard to watch greedy people murder something strong and beautiful like the USA once was"

I wonder what she is thinking today.

stargzr 10/18/19 22:55

That's the last tiime I take this cold medication!

MD 02/02/15 21:35

I'd certainly look at it.

Mira Bilis 02/02/15 20:37

You're welcome. :)

Way557 02/02/15 20:32

Thanks again Mira Bilis, Email sent. 

Mira Bilis 02/02/15 20:23

Way557, try emailing the admin, Flemming Funch ... he should be able to advise you.  Click on the 'About/Contact' link at the bottom of this page.

Way557 02/02/15 20:17

Thanks Mommie Dearest, Does anybody know how I can get my cam on Opentopia ?

MD 02/02/15 20:12

Way557  Nice clear link.


Mira Bilis 02/02/15 20:06

You've certainly got your work cut out at the moment!

Way557 02/02/15 19:07

Thanks Mira Bilis,  Its on from 10am to 5pm NY time

Mira Bilis 02/02/15 19:03

That's an excellent cam Way557 ... thanks for sharing.

Way557 02/02/15 17:57

If any one cares ?. I have a snowcam on Ustream

Mira Bilis 02/02/15 16:50

Snow here too.

Mira Bilis 12/02/14 17:27

Belated thanks NQ ... that link works fine.  :)

N Q 11/21/14 19:23

Mira I found a way to view this cam again. I use English language and I use the Refreshing Still mode--not the Refreshing Flash mode.

Mira Bilis 08/29/14 21:13

It looks like a catwalk stage on the stills.  :)

MD 08/29/14 21:12

There are at least 50 people congregating on the left side of the picture.

Mira Bilis 08/29/14 20:58

If you have live feed MD then it must be something not connecting between Europe and America.


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