Sheraton Sand Key Resort

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Sheraton Sand Key Resort
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Sheraton Sand Key Resort

6 hours ago

Sheraton Sand Key Resort

9 hours ago

Sheraton Sand Key Resort

12 hours ago

Sheraton Sand Key Resort

15 hours ago

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Comments (22)

MD 09/13/17 17:47

It's looking lovely today.

MD 09/10/17 21:32

It looks awful.

Rain Shadow 09/10/17 20:30
Rain Shadow 09/10/17 16:09

Soon this will be the last Florida camera with live feed on Opentopia.

MD 09/09/17 19:09

Jime ....... enjoy it while you are able to. No point saving the "big bucks" and regretting it later.  I'd love to visit Fiji ..... looks beautiful

JimE 09/09/17 18:24

MD, you're right - all war is an abomination, but sometimes necessary protecting what is yours....  Anyway, 3 1/2 months till vacation, Kauai this time.  I need to find a new avenue for escape as Hawwaii is getting repetitive (boring)!  Never thought I'd say that.  Looking at New Zeland or Fiji.  Spending the BIG bucks!!


MD 09/09/17 18:16

Commercial breaks have no place in news ....... especially when covering such situations. Obviously money is more important to some channels.

Rain Shadow 09/09/17 18:03

M D, the live coverage on that ABC Channel 10 Miami stream has been very intelligent and informative, so far.  It also helps that they have forsaken commercial breaks to give uninterrupted coverage - so many other channels cannot give up their commercials, even when covering life-threatening situations.  I really resent that.

MD 09/09/17 17:40

Hi Jime ..... only this morning I was reading about holidays in Vietnam and how they happily welcome American tourists.

That truly was an awful war ...... for both sides.  We never seem to learn.

How long until your vacation?

JimE 09/09/17 17:09

MD, I'm not sure the American people are willing to accept the true atrocity of war!  Just look back as far as the Vietnam conflict and it's aftermath!

MD 09/09/17 17:01

Rain Shadow ..... I didn't know if abc news was reliable. At the time of the Second Gulf War, hubby and I watched live feed from Al Jazeera tv ..... the original AJ, not the later sanitized version. It wasn't in English but what we saw told its own story. Dreadful acts, committed by US troops, were shown. CNN would later show the same "incident" minus the atrocities. I got the impression that American people were in the dark about what was really happening.

Rain Shadow 09/09/17 16:24

M D, thank-you for that link you shared below, it has a good live stream

MD 09/08/17 22:11

I thought it seemed very far-fetched but I stuck with it because I like Jake Gyllenhaal.

It seems we can expect just about anything now.

Rain Shadow 09/08/17 21:52

It reminds me of that movie 'The Day After Tomorrow.'  It seemed a little far-fetched at the time, but now it feels all too real.

MD 09/08/17 21:24

And Mexico has had an earthquake ...... 8.1 magnitude.  I've never known anything like it.

Rain Shadow 09/08/17 20:52

It is truly scary when you look from above on Google Earth and see all those storms marching relentlessly across the Atlantic in a line from Africa.  It is like one giant conveyor belt.

Rain Shadow 09/08/17 18:42
MD 09/07/17 12:14

Looking calm.

MD 03/29/16 17:29

And it's looking very miserable right now.


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