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Micronesia Mall

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Micronesia Mall
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Micronesia Mall

2663 hours ago

Micronesia Mall

2666 hours ago

Micronesia Mall

2669 hours ago

Micronesia Mall

2672 hours ago

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Comments (21)

MD 11/15/18 13:32

My first Christmas tree of the season.

MD 11/14/17 16:31

My first Christmas tree of the season.

Rain Shadow 08/08/17 23:40
MD 12/21/16 13:35

How lovely. Also .... see animation of last snapshots.

Mira Bilis 11/17/15 18:24

Hi Southern Belle ... are you looking at it in 'refreshing stills (flash)' viewing mode?  It's a bit slow but it does refresh.

I see they've added the tree decorations now.

Southern Belle 11/17/15 09:38

This cam never works for me.  It just stays on the same pic all the time.  But that is a big tree lol.

Mira Bilis 11/15/15 21:19

The tree is back ... pity this still only works in refreshing stills mode.

Mira Bilis 11/21/14 00:43

They're putting the little train and tracks in again now.

dona brantley 11/19/14 02:21

this is nice   thanks for the link   dona  smiles

MD 11/18/14 20:41

The candy canes are huge!!!

Mira Bilis 11/18/14 17:29

Refreshing stills work here ... the Christmas tree is back. :)

Here's the direct link ...

MD 08/22/14 19:58

Dona.... with so many cams to look at it's amazing we ever come across each other. That's why I tend to put messages to you on Tybee, I know you will find them eventually. :D

Mira Bilis 08/22/14 19:35

LOL Dona ... won't be long before they're putting the Chrismas tree back up again!!  ;D

Not much going on here at the moment in refreshing stills mode ... too early I guess.

dona brantley 08/22/14 19:20

hi md im just finding this  lol          dona smiles

MD 12/24/13 00:30

Thanks Mira Bilis. I've put the link on The Bench so Dona will be sure to see it.

Those candy canes near the cam look ginormous!

Mira Bilis 12/24/13 00:04
MD 12/22/13 17:25

It's lovely. Mira Bilis, can you remember that artificial tree yesterday in the oil boom town?  I'd like Dona to see it and I'm sure YOU will know where it is.  :))

Mira Bilis 12/22/13 16:54

This is a lovely display ... especially the little train that goes around the tree. (I can only get 'refreshing stills (flash)' mode to work on this cam.)

kyle 03/13/13 03:11

MD they have a turnstile up in the corner, it appears that they allow children in, very very cool for a Mall

MD 03/13/13 00:42

Love this!


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