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Naturpark Hohe Wand

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Naturpark Hohe Wand
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Naturpark Hohe Wand

7807 hours ago

Naturpark Hohe Wand

7810 hours ago

Naturpark Hohe Wand

7813 hours ago

Naturpark Hohe Wand

7816 hours ago

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Comments (18)

Way557 12/06/16 12:32

First snow.

Mira Bilis 07/09/15 05:09

Oh wait, they're goats ... I need to clean my glasses!

Mira Bilis 07/09/15 05:06

Cute pigs.

deacon 02/04/15 15:10

Waiting to see Ben Cartwright riding in.

MD 12/02/14 22:19

Such strange shapes.

Mira Bilis 12/02/14 21:59

Heheh.  :)

MD 12/02/14 13:43

Looks like an icicle farm.

MD 05/19/14 11:23

Yes Steve, that's a favourite cam all year round.

Steve Sharp 05/19/14 11:04

Here is a link you all may enjoy.

N Q 04/27/14 16:23

I remember as a child going to one that's local and I just checked and see that it still open, may have to go visit it again, wonder if it would be as much fun 50 years later as it was when I was a child :)

MD 04/27/14 16:11

Pennywell farm is one of those petting places, not too far from me but I've never visited.

Mira Bilis 04/27/14 16:00

Not an easy place to find on the map either ... took me a while to find Urschendorf just by typing in the name ... I used the coordinates in the end.  No clues yet about this place.

N Q 04/27/14 15:55

Mira I was thinking the same. If you look at the still pictures you can see people in one of the fence in areas with what looks like goats.

Mira Bilis 04/27/14 15:43

I'm not sure I'd call this place a "ranch" as such ... it reminds me more of a farm that's open to the public, kind of like a "petting zoo" setup.  :-)

N Q 04/27/14 15:36

MD they now have the cam pointed towards a parking lot so yes this must be a public place. There's a sign on one of the cage in area but I couldn't read it once I enlarge it.

MD 04/27/14 15:19

This looks an interesting place. It's obviously open to the public, or they have a huge family!

MD 06/17/13 15:51

Hi Dobielvr, I couldn't see what you meant until the cam panned to the right..... and there it was.... a lovely big web, dazzling in the sunshine.


Dobielvr 06/17/13 14:44

I think thru the night a spider made a web on the camera! LOL    =)


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