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Office Cam
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Office Cam

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Office Cam

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Office Cam

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Office Cam

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Comments (19)

MD 01/12/17 01:08

Hi William and Joe.  Shame we lost this one.

William Victor 12/17/14 07:58

Indeed i do Joe! Im not sure,..but i think the only people that can comment here now are the people that have the cam in their favorites. Btw Joe, is good to have you back !

William Victor 12/17/14 07:56

Hi MD! Happy Holidays 2 U! Been a long time, hope all is well.

Joe Hector 12/17/14 07:40

Hi MD! Happy Holidays! I moved back to the united states this october, it was awsome up in tokyo but my friendship & relationship with "William" brought me back. I live up in colorado with him now, i don't think i will leave the united states again any time soon.

MD 12/16/14 12:18

Hi Joe and William..... long time no see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hector 12/16/14 10:57

LOL! Yes they were! You still have this cam in your favorites William!?

William Victor 12/16/14 05:11

These fellas were "nuts"!

Lady Nara 04/01/13 05:07

I agree William, the men are sexy as hell! Young & hott! The lady that sits up front is gorgeous..i love her long blonde hair. Much love from iowa, united states,

Lady Nara

William Victor 03/31/13 15:27

Hi MD! Two guys came in today and did some hard work, maintenance crew i think. I will keep it clean as to what i thought, lol but im sure you would have enjoyed watching them! I did!

MD 03/30/13 12:36

William, I guess you're right about not working weekends.  There's a coat hanging up but no other signs of activity.  And it's Easter holiday.  But I'll keep looking.

And Joe,  even if you only learn enough to be polite (good morning, please and thank you etc)  people appreciate the effort.  I'm fluent in menus in French,  Spanish and Italian! :))

William Victor 03/30/13 03:41

Your very welcome MD, im not sure if these good people work on the weekends..but monday threw friday you will get to see all the cute men you desire. There might be a little hanky panky in the work place, lol but it's all clean sure if the female worker did not want any part of it she might smack him..LOL but it all seems harmless enough.

Joe Hector 03/30/13 03:26

Hello again MD! Indeed it will be. I order all of my cloths, jewelry and a few other things from there. I want to go there this summer and learn what i can from them. Im starting to learn alot of the i hope that helps me out in the long run.

Take Care,


MD 03/29/13 20:35

Hello Joe.  How exciting to visit Japan.  I've got several Japanese webcams on my favourites list.  I know a young man who went there a couple of years ago and he enjoyed it so much he's learning the language for his next vist. He says he would like to live there.

I never realized how much snow they get but that won't bother you in the summer!


MD 03/29/13 20:27

Hi William.  Thank you for the information about the time differences. I've written it in a notepad. I understand that when it's 10am in Colorado, it's 4pm in the UK and 8pm in that part of Russia.  And that's a long work day for them.


Joe Hector 03/29/13 16:47

I did judge and say some wrong things, im sorry. Looking forward to this summer thow, im going to spend it in Gifu, Japan, i love their custom and the people are awsome!

Take Care William & Mommie Dearest in Devon

William Victor 03/29/13 16:26

Greetings Mommie Dearest in Devon,

Their day is over now, it is after 8pm their time, im in the united states and in Colorado. And 10:21am my time. I just felt that Joe made an unfair remark, of course he has his opinion. If you would like to view more threw this cam..a little after 7am their time is when their day of work starts..they close this office space by 10pm their time.

MD 03/29/13 16:01

Well Joe and William,  I've looked at this several times and seen nobody.  Having read both of your comments I feel duty bound to keep my eyes on this screen until I see MEN...... sexy or otherwise.  I don't like to think I'm missing out!  :))

William Victor 03/29/13 15:16

I watched this a few days ago also Joe, but i do feel it is unfair to judge good people none of us know. They are all just trying to get threw a days work, much like i do up in Colorado Springs, the united states. I will say one thing..the young men are sexy..russian men are the hottest. It's only my opinion.

Have a great day Joe

Joe Hector 03/28/13 12:55

Nothing interesting about this video, you watch it all day and in the morning the young guys that walk around the office space act gay towards other guys. Then at night they play bisexual with the female worker...boring & pathetic. Tokyo, Japan is more (entertaining)!


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