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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

31965 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

31968 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

32013 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

32016 hours ago

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Comments (4897)

Ed Hilver 03/08/21 16:22

Thanks MD.

Ed Hilver 02/16/21 11:23


ricardo sagastume 02/16/21 03:22

She needs help....!

Connor 01/20/21 06:52

if anyone is wondering if she's okay.

Ed Hilver 06/22/20 21:34
Ed Hilver 05/01/20 17:24

So meny signs.

Neku Sakuraba 07/31/19 05:07

Uh, Connor there's one thing you're missing.

She wants to be called Jane tht doesn't really mean that's her name and "Jae-Eun" is a huge strech..

Neku Sakuraba 07/31/19 05:05

Uh, Tag I think you're missing one important factor.

For her to be a scam artist she would be asking for money and her YouTube channel isn't monotized.

Something she's never done so you might need to rethink your stance.

Nice try, but your reasoning doesnt really work here.

MD 04/27/19 04:26

Hi Connor ....... great to hear from you.   Whenever I see there is bad weather in the Philippines .....  I always hope it's not near you.  I hope life is treating you well.

So  ...... she is possibly Jae-Eun.  I'm sure you will find out more about her eventually.  Take care.


Connor 04/26/19 23:07

I had found her english name. Her name is Jane. We still don't know her korean name. it probably is Jae-Eun.

tag 04/18/19 03:44

What do I think? After being aware  of this person for years now. This person is a scam artist.  If she is as sick as people believ3 she wouldn’t be using her time on all this shit.  Now a you tube channel? How convenient getting paid for all the hits. 

People, she is a mess. A very clever mess. This is just the same thing hashed and rehashed. And people are falling for it. 

Vetner 04/16/19 09:52

i hope she is fine

Emma Santos 03/08/19 19:51

Exactly. I guess we’ll never know.

MD 03/06/19 07:50

This P she refers to is supposed to be a policeman after her money.  He's been after her money for about 20 years .....  I shouldn't think she's got much left .... if she had any in the first place.   I think it's unrealistic that she puts all this fantastic tale about P on the internet and he's not been in trouble for what she alleges he's done.  I think it's a complete fabrication and Chip Chan has nothing better to do with her time.  On the other hand ..... if she really believes it is happening to her .... it must be a terrible way to live.

Emma Santos 03/06/19 07:29

Yeah. That’s the most logical thing. I’m pretty sure she speaks some English as well. The live stream from this morning says P broke her PC to stop YouTube live streaming. All in the middle of a bunch of Korean text. Yet she live streams at least every hour. None of it adds up.

MD 03/05/19 15:40

Exactly!!!!!  If the "chip" story is true ..... would the "chipper" let her show the world???  The only thing I can think is that she has a mental illness.

Emma Santos 03/05/19 15:30

MD. Tell me about it. I’m starting to think this whole thing is a ruse. If she was controlled like she says she is. There’s no way she would be live streaming. In my opinion. Smh.

MD 03/05/19 05:40

Hi Emma ..... somewhere in all of these comments I'm sure someone has put her address.  I've always doubted the veracity of this "story."  Nobody can survive on sleep alone.  I feel sure that people have watched looped tape while she has been dancing around her kitchen eating japchae with samgyeopsal.  In earlier comments I used to cause uproar by making such blasphemous comments.   :D

Emma Santos 03/04/19 20:05

I am so confused. How was she barely even moving when her live stream was on Opentopia. But now she has a YouTube channel. With video of her up and about. There’s no way someone hasn’t found her yet. Especially since she’s been streaming for so long. 


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