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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

131 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

143 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

209 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

212 hours ago

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Comments (4616)

MD 09/21/17 14:35

Thank you Frank.   I agree.  :D

frank west 09/21/17 13:24

and put it on a better website lol

frank west 09/21/17 13:23

wow now that I've actally watched this I see how fake it is the camera's down for hours at a time this is just for dumb people like Lil Miquela which is simply a 3d model made in blender but people can't tell if it's real or fake, this is hilariously fake just like that and all I can say is lol on you all plus let's forget the facts 10+ years like this the apartment would be falling apart and at least here in america apartments are inspected twice a year she posted pics of maggots 10+ years ago there would be nothing left for her to stay in this is so freaking fake I'm disspapointed I really am I'm also disappointed in this text box not letting my comptuer auto correct my typos lmao double whammy of terrible get outta here give me something real next time

superbDOG46 09/19/17 13:27

it shows alot of pictures of Jesus fore some reason.

Gho $t Boy 09/16/17 06:51

Love you chip!

Helen Boo 09/15/17 18:16

Squalid for sure. There is a business below her apt, if I remember correctly. Maybe she is being evicted, ugh. I don't know what happens legally  in S Korea if neighbors complain about vermin and smell.

Rain Shadow 09/15/17 17:20

That looks like one of her very old banners from way back, so I am assuming it just goes on about the usual feces, vicious pain and generally squalid conditions, etc.  Her camera page/blog has the usual array of lurid images  She must be recycling her old act.

Tasha Kawaii 09/15/17 17:09

What does this say now? 

MD 09/15/17 16:31

I don't think we shall ever know.  It just seems such a waste of life.

Helen Boo 09/15/17 16:22

M.D., I remember that too. Now she only has the camera on when she's sleeping. There seemed to be something going on with her when I noticed that cam down so much. Maybe not sleeping so much? Who knows?

MD 09/15/17 15:55

Hi Helen ...... I can remember the time when Chip Chan was going out and about ...... and eating. She has definitely got worse. I always have a look at Animation of last snapshots. She must be exhausted from all of the tossing and turning that she does in her sleep.

Helen Boo 09/15/17 15:36

: )


MD 09/15/17 15:13

Maybe the moon is made of green cheese.     :D

Helen Boo 09/15/17 14:54

Maybe she is out attending protests recently.  Maybe she got a job. Maybe she was ill. Maybe she is moving.

MD 09/15/17 11:18

Live feed.

Candy Lance 09/15/17 07:07

she black to sleep. items in room moved a round, boxes in  back room. Time >12:05a.m. pst< usa.  Sleep Well chip chan

Rain Shadow 09/14/17 20:50

When the camera is offline here, it is offline everywhere.

L L 09/14/17 20:30

Is there any way to see the live stream now?

L L 09/14/17 19:32

Does anyone have any updates with the stream still going on or a new website?


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