Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

15 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

288 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

291 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

294 hours ago

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Comments (4752)

bellemogli 02/18/18 22:52

Chip chan, it would probably help if you actually had friends or family help look after you. There's no shame or losing face in asking for assistance from loved one's.

bill dude 02/16/18 15:30

WOW she just got up and went out door. Guess she is still alive

Jerry Strough 02/09/18 19:57

Chip has been spotted at the Olympics with P, she will be back once the games are over and it will be speepytime again for all her fans.

Niky Eddie 02/09/18 18:32

Thanks for sharing

TnHem 02/09/18 15:42

I think she died but i'm not %100 sure about it


Leixia Yan 02/05/18 22:40

Good Luck Chip Chan. there are people here to help

Jerry Strough 01/27/18 15:47

Seems this is just a video beening played on a loop. I remember when she had 3 cams and now it is down to just this one blurry cam. Ever notice how her hair is always combed, no bed head and I wonder who cuts her hair? She does seem to be in good health, nice muscle mass on those legs that don't stand very much.

They should look like tooth picks. She seems to get up for only a few minutes and open that door. That must be when she eats,drinks water and takes a shower, all in less than 10 minutes. Then it is back to bed. I have read on several places that the police have been to her home and she is fine, just a woman with a mental problem. There is nothing really they can do. I have grwon bored with it. People will believe what they want to I guess.

Andrew Dilly 01/26/18 06:24

Also why does no one like any of these hackers find out where she lives  and gets help I know the cop said he would do something to her but still

Andrew Dilly 01/26/18 06:23

 Can someone address a few things 

1:  why was the screen white for like 24 hours  is that when the guy came if you watch the videos around this topic then you know who the guy is /cop

2: it's very hard to catch her while she's awake 


Andrew Dilly 01/26/18 06:21
Andrew Dilly 01/26/18 06:20
why am i here 01/26/18 06:03

48918 there is a few videos featuring her story.

48918 01/23/18 01:29

So strange that I've seen her talked about on a video about unknown internet conspiracies!

Yorda Ico 01/22/18 08:18

Whoa, what just happened? It got all dark and turned black and white!

Yorda Ico 01/22/18 06:34

She woke up around midnight her time for about 20 minutes and has been asleep ever since. I wish someone could help her. 

deyva zhniy 01/22/18 01:28

what happening with her? she's never wakes up

she's sleeping?

meow fubar 01/21/18 08:19
meow fubar 01/21/18 08:19
Joshua McManus 01/14/18 06:06

wake up girl... please... come on xx


Joshua McManus 01/14/18 05:12

you will be found.


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