Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

4 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

7 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

10 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

13 hours ago

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Comments (4691)

Candy Lance 11/17/17 23:56

Love u!  Sleep eat more sleep rest!  Yaaaaaaaaa

Pat Méphis 11/16/17 21:51

This is really sad for her, I mean that life isn't worth to be lived, it's sad .... Anyway there's one thing I ask myself: how can she still be alive? I mean she doesn't look to have moved since four days .... FOUR days without eating, drinking, or even moving, she's just sleeping (or being unconscious) ... nobody deserves such a life :(

Jaden Portillo 11/16/17 21:39

I want to help her why dont we contact the embassy or sime shit i know they couldnt do anything but this is messed up

Sabrina Stonestreet 11/14/17 15:07

i have an ad blocker lol and thank you!

Way557 11/14/17 12:08

oh and 1 last thing.. make sure you run a adblocker on there

Way557 11/14/17 11:23

53 views and 5 peope online watching.. not bad

Way557 11/14/17 11:18

g'morning  sabrina, its looks good, if you ever need any help on there.  i'll sign in and help you. 

i'll pop in and hit the follow button and say hi. my vaughn name is summer fun II


Sabrina Stonestreet 11/14/17 06:52

So i found something that will work.... heres my link: its not ready yet but im working on it!!


MD 11/13/17 23:25

Sabrina ..... maybe try "Contact Us" right at the bottom.  They certainly don't make it easy.

Sabrina Stonestreet 11/13/17 22:00

it says go to bradcast to add a custom camera but i dont see that button anywhere

Sabrina Stonestreet 11/13/17 21:51

Can i add my camera to it...?

Way557 11/13/17 16:28

hi sabrina, i fired up my old webcam site, take a peek at it.  is this whaat you want to do ?

Sabrina Stonestreet 11/13/17 04:19


Sabrina Stonestreet 11/13/17 04:18

um excuse me???

Gentoo Linux 11/13/17 02:02

@Sabrina, I'm not talking about steaming your whole laptop if you would like me to show you an example go here and let me know and will stream your own stream back through there

Sabrina Stonestreet 11/13/17 00:50

the cam she uses on here is an Axis cam

Sabrina Stonestreet 11/13/17 00:47

i know she uses the same camera

stargzr 11/13/17 00:36

Hi Sabrina,

Just to confuse you more.....the woman on Opentopia, Susan (living room in Seattle) also has video nest and has a live journal as well with a place for might ask her how to do what you want.  She's very savvy.

Good luck!

Sabrina Stonestreet 11/13/17 00:34

im not streaming my laptop

Gentoo Linux 11/13/17 00:25

@Sabrina, Use software to stream from your nest page to another site, if that's what your trying to do. there's xsplit and some other software that will allow you to stream your whole desktop or just windows you have open you want to stream, such as your live stream on nest.


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