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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

1542 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

1545 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

1590 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

1593 hours ago

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Comments (4850)

MD 06/17/18 18:06
Brenda LANCOUR 06/12/18 23:56

Hey Chip its been a long time since I have checked in with you.I pray you are doing well and getting up for a while.just wanted to stop by and say hello even though you can't understand.that's ok..god bless you chip and I hope all is well with you..

Neku Sakuraba 06/09/18 08:51

The rumor isn't true.

She's fine...well as fine as Chip-Chan can be.

johnny joestar 06/09/18 01:30

I hope the rumor that she died isn't true. If so, RIP Chip-Chan ;((

MD 06/05/18 12:58

Jime ........ that sounds good to me.  :D

Jime 06/05/18 01:47

MD,  reservations are made Jan 18 - Feb 3 on Kauai.  Poipu to be exact.  Plane reservations paid for.  All set to go here.  Pretty sure all parties are ready too.  I'm looking forwad to do some off road explorations this trip as on the last trip to Kauai I almost got that Mustang stuck in the sand.  Renting a Jeep this trip to ease my mind a little!

MD 06/04/18 22:40

Jime ........ I hope your traveling companion has fully recovered.  I really could do with another vacation.  How about you?  :D

Jime 06/04/18 22:26

Hi MD,  glad to see there's a few of us left with the more traditional outlook.  All is good this year here after a rocky start, as you remember.  Hope all is well there!

MD 06/04/18 19:55

Hi Jime ..... I never doubted it for a minute.  :D

Jime 06/04/18 19:21

So much for all the naysayers,  she is alive and on cam!

jules 05/31/18 21:54

glad to know she’s still alive 

MD 05/31/18 19:58

I see it.

unknow helper 05/31/18 19:14

she is alive!! online at local time: 04:12:52 18/06/01

Neku Sakuraba 05/31/18 16:00

Well...that's good I guess?

I'm saying whatever was posted on the subreddit created for her.

There was one line in her "newest" sign that was translated 

내방만 인터넷정지 = no internet just for my room

MD 05/31/18 14:17

Neku  ....... I believe you.

Neku Sakuraba 05/31/18 10:20

He's incorrect Chip-Chan is still alive as far as we know.

It didn't show it on this webcam site, but her cam was up on May, 23, 2018 at 16:16

MD 05/29/18 15:29

Oh dear officerp ...... most people who look at this cam have been conditioned to boo and hiss at the mention of that name.  As well as the decomposing body showing bedsores, insect bites and signs of leprosy ......... was there any mention of a chip in the ankle?

officerp 05/29/18 14:27

Guys... I think Chip-Chan died.

According to a recent South Korean news report (YonHap News), the Korean police were notified by neighbours about a rancid smell emitting from an apartment in the building. Police responded and tried to get access to the apartment by ringing the doorbell. After there had not been any response, they decided to barge in. The police reported that they had difficulties barging in as they later found out the entrance of the apartment was heavily barricaded. The police found a decomposing corpse in the living room of the apartment. The decomposing corpse was in a fetal position. Forensics were done and they found the woman had died about 4-5 weeks ago and it is believed to be in her late 30s to early 40s. Her decomposing body showed signs of terrible bed sores, insect bites, and signs of leprosy. An autopsy was made and the coroner concludes that the deceased had died of cancer. Neighbours of the deceased have claimed that the deceased is possibly schizophrenic who locks herself up often and seldom leaves the home. Screams were often heard from the apartment and a stench of faeces and urine can often be detected when passing by the apartment unit.

The article did not specify anything else like the deceased name, or whether the deceased had any relatives and whether they were notified. 

RIP Chip-Chan (if it is her).

MD 05/14/18 23:19

Hi Jime ....... looks like it.  I have to own up that I hadn't noticed it had gone.  :D

Jime 05/14/18 22:46

Do you think she may have finally pulled the plug??


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