Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

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Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.
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Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

5 hours ago

Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

8 hours ago

Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

11 hours ago

Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

14 hours ago

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Comments (8514)

MD 05/24/18 10:46

Hi unknown helper  ......... I am well ...... thank you.

unknow helper 05/24/18 10:41

hello MD, how are you today? we ave some news about chip! chek this: ! im so sooo happy to see she is fine!

i saw you on the live "pont de la machine Geneve" too lol you are everywhere :p

MD 05/23/18 12:29

Hi unknow helper ...... you are welcome.   As for Chip Chan ....... I'm sure she is still alive. 

Your English is good enough.   :D

unknow helper 05/23/18 10:20

hi stargzr and MD, thasnk's for your answer! yesterdaxy i was seeing in the oldest pages and there is a lot of Susan's comment!

MD: did you talking about chip chan? in reddit they all thing she is dead... i can't believe it, I know it's not the first time that his camera is offline... you have some reason to believe she's alive? if it is, then i'm reassured... i hope we can see her again soon! 

sorry for my bad english i use half google translate lol

MD 05/22/18 23:43

Oh stargzr .... I only just noticed that comment.  Of course you did ok.   :D

MD 05/22/18 23:41

stargzr ...... I've still got Chip's cam.  When they have that red message across the top saying that the cam isn't always available ..... it disappears from Opentopia but there are times when the cam is online. If I catch Chip's cam on a "live" day I'll be sure to put a comment on it so it will show in the "Recent Comments" section.  :D

stargzr 05/22/18 23:19

Bravo, MD.  If Chip ever shows up's ALL yours!  LOL

MD 05/22/18 23:13

Unknow helper ...... these links might prove to you that she knows:

Scroll down on this one and you'll see Susan's cam:

stargzr 05/22/18 23:08

Hi, MD.  :D   Did I do OK ?

stargzr 05/22/18 23:07

Hello, unknow helper.  It's good of you to be concerned, but no need.  Susan has been around a long, long time on 2 or 3 different cams, Journals, pics, instagram, etc., etc.  She enjoys what she no worries!

MD 05/22/18 23:06

Hi Stargzr ....... lovely weather we're having.    :D

stargzr 05/22/18 22:38

Here we go ......

unknow helper 05/22/18 22:14

how can we be sure she know she's being watched? its possible his camera was hacked..

MD 05/21/18 23:25

She doesn't mind at all.

Areonna Vinelli 05/21/18 22:11

I wonder what she thinks of being viewed like this. Id loose my shit.

Silver Squirrel 05/16/18 20:47

Susan, those dinosaurs look more like dragons to me.  Such a cute top!

MD 04/27/18 22:41

That'll do nicely.    :D

tag 04/27/18 22:19


ok thats the best I can do!

MD 04/27/18 15:53

Hi Linda ...... I can see you put a lot of effort into it.  Don't take any notice of me.   :D


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