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Living Room
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Living Room

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Living Room

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Living Room

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Living Room

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Comments (7843)

Helen Boo 01/21/17 01:33

Syrsa, I would too. I also would love to be able to knit the way she can. She does some complicated stuff, not just the bears you see on here.

Syrsa 01/20/17 13:16

I would say that Susan is a happy woman, and contented with her lot.. and I'd love her apartment situated in downtown Seattle!!  :-)

Ilog123 01/19/17 15:46

that living room is beautiful

Ilog123 01/19/17 15:44


Legends say the Susan still sits on the sofa with her cat for a long time till now

Ilog123 01/19/17 15:43

with her black cat

Ilog123 01/19/17 15:42

Legends say the old lady still sits on the sofa

Babs Brown 01/18/17 18:24

Susan writes in her journal daily and has a couple of cams on 24/7 . It really is up to her how she spends her time and the way she lived her life.

   I for one enjoy looking and reading and if i didn't i wouldn't it's as simple as that.

Babs Brown 01/18/17 18:20
Silver Squirrel 01/18/17 03:45

The colors are soothing. Reminds me of Easter basket colors.  

Jenny D. 01/17/17 16:28

Her livingroom looks cozy. Not my style personally (I'm more of a contemporary clean lines kind if person), but I admire her way with colours.


deacon 01/17/17 15:53

You always get full cooperation from a dog or cat when food is involved.

Silver Squirrel 01/17/17 03:02

Her cat is very interested in whatever Susan is eating. 

Jenny D. 01/16/17 20:36

I don't think there is anything wrong with it either. The write off is tiny compared to the amount of work and supplies put into the dolls. Even if the write off was huge, who cares.

deacon 01/14/17 20:56

I do not see anything wrong with donating and getting a tax write off. Only a dope would donate and not try to get a write off. The government only squanders it anyways. I doubt she is doing it to look good.

Brittany S 01/12/17 23:11

This song also could be Susan when she donates bears for a tax write off and trying to make herself look good. The nurses and her LJ followers probably think she's an amazing person and she's really far from it. Rain is gonna have me on a musical kick I swear. 


Brittany S 01/12/17 22:57

Dammit!!! Rain, I'm a Broadway addict and I love Aveue Q! 

This is Susan in a nutshell and I listened to the whole thing because I can't resist. 

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/12/17 22:33

Brittany ..... I'm sure Susan couldn't give a rats ...... it's how she lives her everyday life.

Did you see Rain Shadow's link?  Very appropriate. :D

Brittany S 01/12/17 22:13

M.D. you see? Steve gets it! We're all getting a long just fine! You could never get on my bad side and even though most people here may laugh at this, I happen to have a heart of gold. Susan's actions bring out the worst in me! 

I'm a nice person, my comments beg to differ but people tend to like me in my every day life. Susan is bullying people in real life, I'm sure 'cyberbullying' is the least of her worries. 

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/12/17 17:14

Absolutely brilliant!   :D

Rain Shadow 01/12/17 16:50

Apparently, "Schadenfreude is in the Zeitgeist"


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