Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

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Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.
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Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

5 hours ago

Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

8 hours ago

Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

11 hours ago

Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

14 hours ago

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Comments (8477)

hue nguyen 03/20/18 02:04

Thank you very useful article. 

Renzetta 03/17/18 02:21

I live in seattle too!

Renzetta 03/17/18 02:21

H-hewwo? Whatcha Knittin?

X O X O 03/16/18 14:59

Lady have a lovely day 

MD 03/11/18 02:44

Good.    :D

Soulless Hope 03/11/18 01:12

Ok I understand now. 

MD 03/10/18 17:47

Hi Soulless ........ I didn't mean that .... and I didn't mean to offend you.  I'll do the comment again.

Last time Susan commented she said something along the lines of "Mind your own business. I know what I'm doing."  One of her cams had audio and she sat there and ordered something over the phone. She gave out her bank details. One of the people watching the cam put a comment on here to Susan saying that it really wasn't wise to give such details when anyone could take advantage.  Susan's reply was quite rude.

I hope that's cleared up the misunderstanding.    :)

Soulless Hope 03/10/18 17:27

I never said she doesn't know what she's doing. Just wanted to know if she chats on here, that's all

MD 03/09/18 22:52

No. She doesn't chat. If she ever comments it's to say mind your own business .... she knows what she's doing.

Soulless Hope 03/09/18 22:11

I don't understand this. Is she chatting with us on here? 

Moose 03/09/18 20:49

It was actually only half a page or so.  Compared to the usual lack of interaction recently it was quite a brouhaha.

MD 03/09/18 20:16

Hi Moose ..... I didn't know anything had happened while I was away but I did notice references to the main posters and told Trix about it. We were quite amused.  :D

Moose 03/09/18 19:39

MD... This is a very wise move!  Look what happened to that person while you were away.  Simply relating an experience and all kinds of uproar and unpleasantness.  And sideways references to the main posters.  I just kept quiet and let the fur fly.  It was quite amusing.

MD 03/09/18 18:09

Hi stargzr.   :D

stargzr 03/09/18 17:33


MD 03/09/18 17:22

I'd love to tell you my thoughts but I'm still licking my wounds from last time!   

Hi Helen   ;D

50071 03/09/18 16:48

Can anyone answer me why Susan set up cameras and likea being watched by complete strangers all over the world in the privacy of her own home everrry single waking day??? Please someone respond i dont get it...

Helen Boo 03/08/18 22:19

Dang, the text is so tiny.....

Helen Boo 03/08/18 22:19

How do yo rate these cams?


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