Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

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Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.
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Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

5 hours ago

Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

8 hours ago

Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

11 hours ago

Living Room .... and yes ... she knows she's being watched.

14 hours ago

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Comments (8535)

MD 10/24/18 20:34

I love Italy.  I've been going there for years but it woud be impossible to see it all.  I have a photo of myself aged 17, outside Milan cathedral.  My first impressions of Milan were the crazy driving ....... followed closely by how many flavors of ice cream you can get.

You'll definitely be warm enough with a goose-down coat .....  very snug.

Silver Squirrel 10/24/18 20:29

Hi MD.  Thanks for your kind words.   I'm all packed except for last-minute things.   My large suitcase weights 43 pounds, so I'm well below the 50 pounds allowed.   I'm taking a goose-down coat and scarf, hat and gloves.   Although the temperatures seem moderate,  I know that Scotland will be colder and possibly wet (given that was our experience two years ago).   I'm excited to leave but I'll miss our two kitties.   We have a pet sitter who is wonderful, which enables us to go on these trips.   We're thinking about a May trip to Italy.  We were there in 2013 but there is so much more to see.  That time we were on a Trafalgar land tour, which was wonderful.   I want to see Pompeii.

MD 10/24/18 11:46

Hi Silver Squirrel ...... only 4 days to go.   The itinerary makes good reading.   Take some warm clothes for Scotland ..... they forecast cold weather from Friday on.  Have fun.

Silver Squirrel 10/24/18 03:28

There’s a better view on her Nest Cam.   She’s just as disagreeable as ever.  

Helen Boo 10/22/18 23:55

: )   She just realized it wasn't working. I thought maybe she turned it off on purpose.

stargzr 10/22/18 19:40

This on again - off again stuff is VERY disturbing.......I need a nap !

Helen Boo 10/22/18 19:23

And she's back.

Helen Boo 08/08/18 20:34

Is that another camera on her blue cabinet next to the tv? (Visible  on her other camera). It swivels around.

tag 08/06/18 23:01

I always checkout Susan’s webcams I think for lots of us, the combnation of reading her blog and watching her cams makes it more interesting and personal. 

Moose 07/14/18 18:17

Weird is an understatement, even if you overlook the misspelled f-bomb.

Shane Dawson 07/14/18 00:07

okay. why the hell does this website still exist!?!? I'm back here over a year later to see if this lady is still the most popular thing on the website. like, what the hell?? it's creepy and weird. even though she does know she's being wtched, what's the point of watching someone all day long. it's fucken weird.

stargzr 07/08/18 01:45
Helen Boo 07/08/18 01:10

Her brother will be visiting next week.

Helen Boo 07/08/18 01:06

Susan's journal

Helen Boo 07/08/18 01:04

Julie, she started years ago so her mother , who lived in a retirement community, could see and hear her. Then her brother joined in with a camera in his shop. You should read her journal.

Julie Chadd 07/06/18 23:44

do you know why she is live streaming?

MD 07/06/18 23:20

Julie ........ there's also this cam:

Julie Chadd 07/06/18 23:11

thanks MD

MD 07/06/18 22:26

Hi Julie ........ Susan doesn't often answer comments so don't think she is ignoring you.  :D

Julie Chadd 07/06/18 22:19

hello. hope you are having a great day. i'm am recently retired and i find myelf bored. just happen to come across your web cam. 


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