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University of Maryland - McKeldin Mall
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University of Maryland - McKeldin Mall

931 hours ago

University of Maryland - McKeldin Mall

934 hours ago

University of Maryland - McKeldin Mall

937 hours ago

University of Maryland - McKeldin Mall

940 hours ago

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Comments (37)

MD 01/24/22 14:02

Hi Sue ...   I remember you had an avatar with a picture showing your long hair. It looked lovely. I said I put my hair in a bun when anyone is going to see me.  The rest of the time ....   I'm an old lady with a ponytail!  My fringe grew out after the first year.. but you've given me the idea of braiding.

You must be really looking forward to the wedding. I wish I was going to one myself ...  I love wedding cake.  LOLOLOL

Arizona Sue 01/24/22 04:30

Hi MD.  I've got long hair too and it's silver but not purple (yet).  Don't want to do anything rash before the family wedding in May😊. I get an inch or so cut off every couple of months.  I braid my hair or become an old lady with fringe and a ponytail!LOL

MD 01/23/22 01:43

Hi Sue ... the last time I went to the hairdresser was the 4th of March 2020,  with my daughter.  We both had a shocking purple do.  My hair is now very long and is gray, white and the bottom 5 or 6 inches it's purple.  I put it into a bun on grocery delivery days or if I go out into the gardens.  I quite like it but I don't want to frighten the neighbors.  LOLOLOL


Arizona Sue 01/22/22 05:10

Hi MD.  What color is your hair now?  Still going to hair appointment where one may have an alcoholic beverage?  LOL.  Asking this in Stargzr's absence 😊

MD 01/21/22 16:01

Hi Sue ...  it's 44F here and brilliant sunshine.  We have snowdrops open and daffodils are appearing. The first lambs were born 2 days ago with more arriving each day.  It feels like spring is sprung but heaven forbid we should get a sprinkling of snow because as you say ...  the shelves will be emptied.  I can understand people with families rushing to stock up because we only have 2 small food stores and if we do get isolated - that's it.  No deliveries at all. I've always got plenty of stuff so I don't have to go and strip the shelves bare.  LOLOL

It's sunny days like this that make me think of going away somewhere.  Sigh.

Arizona Sue 01/20/22 17:36

Hi MD.  The snow changed to rain in Maryland and yesterday was in the 50sF.   Such is the weather in my hometown.  Two months of winter and by mid March one can see signs of spring.  A heavy snow can cripple the region and everyone runs to the grocery store to clear the shelves of bread, milk, and toilet paper! LOL.  I think it's a mid-Atlantic regional thing.  Everyone goes crazy at the first flake of snow.  

MD 01/17/22 01:10

It's midnight in the UK and 35F where I am.  That's plenty cold enough.  In the last 12 years we've had snow just twice but each time it was enough to isolate us.  The hills are steep and we don't bother with snow tyres or chains so traffic doesn't manage to get in or out of town. I hope your sister doesn't get too much snow. 

Arizona Sue 01/16/22 21:00

My sister in Maryland said this snow is headed her way.  It was 12F degrees this morning in Bel Air, Maryland.   I don't miss that weather one bit.

MD 11/15/16 18:52

OMG!!!!! You are so right. :D

Silver Squirrel 11/15/16 18:38

This reminds me of an ant colony.

Mira Bilis 09/17/15 18:05

LOL ... what's on the menu tonight MD?

MD 09/17/15 17:57

Thanks Mira ..... I'm just about to go out. I've left Trix on the night shift. LOL

Mira Bilis 09/17/15 17:48

MD ... I hope you have a nice evening with your daughter. :)

Mira Bilis 09/17/15 15:42

I'm seeing planes in the distance at random intervals ..... at least, I think they're planes! ;)

Mira Bilis 09/17/15 15:18

LOL ... I think the university is near the flight path of Washington DC airport .... but I'd much rather imagine Kyle in a tin foil hat doing a flyby, bless him. ;D

Looks busy here today.

MD 09/17/15 13:22

I shall be at my daughter's so I'll rely on you to report. LOL

trix abound 09/17/15 13:08

of course i will :)

MD 09/17/15 12:18

That darned cat! Will you be looking at this cam tonight to see if there's another flypast? LOL

trix abound 09/17/15 12:01

yes....the cat woke me up....she wanted to go out early today (5:55 am)

MD 09/17/15 11:55

Hahahahaha! Did you wake up extra early this morning?


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